Enjoy Your Freedom

July 2, 2017 • Pastor Jeff Stanford

Pastor Jeff shares a one time message on exercising and enjoying the freedom we have here in America.

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God is Bigger (pt. 2)

Bigger Than Anything you are Facing • August 11, 2019 • Pastor Jeff Stanford

There's alot right with you. Don't magnify what's wrong. Focus on what God said

God is Bigger (pt. 1)

Bigger Together • August 4, 2019 • Pastor Jeff Stanford

God is bigger than you think. He's bigger than you can imagine. Nothing is too big for Him!

Made for More (pt. 1)

New Wine (Pentecost Sunday) • June 9, 2019 • Pastor Jeff Stanford

In the crushing and in the pressing God brings New Wine out of you! You are Made for More!