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Drown Your Tears, Heal Your Wounds (11am)

January 10, 2021 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

Day in, day out, week in, week out — we see that not much is changing for the better. Politics are going from bad to worse. COVID-19 cases are going from bad to worse. For many, economic and personal situations are either staying the same or getting worse. The reality is we experience is that not much changes, and what changes does not change quickly. We hate to be skeptical about it, but can God really make a difference? Can God really wash away our sins and make us new again? We look at the world around us, and we notice – in just a few months, the empty trees will be budding and blooming again. In just a little while, the leaves of fall and winter will be replaced with the flowers of spring. Even the weeds will spring back and bloom! Lord, you are always making things new, and whether it takes an instant or a lifetime, the beauty that You promise is worth waiting for! Help us, Lord, to put our faith in You, and put that faith into practice, so that we and those around us can find Your strength to move forward with Your hope. We pray in the name of the Lord who has walked the road before us, Jesus our Lord. Amen.

When the World Turned Upside Right (11am)

January 3, 2021 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

We sometimes believe that we worship the Lord because we are somehow special. In truth, we are special because we are called, and we are called because our ears have been opened, and our ears can hear because we have been forgiven and loved. Just as the magi of old had their eyes opened to see the sign of the newborn King of the Jews, so make our eyes open to see the signs that Jesus is Lord of all. We confess that we are not so special, but we are so loved. Enable us to live our lives upside right so that your love can shine through us, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

From Birth to Exit (11am)

December 27, 2020 • Rev. Tommy Markham

Lord, we are much relieved now that the rush of Christmas is over. We can’t understand why we let all that preparation get to us so. Now that it is behind us, we can make sense of our guilt. Forgive us when we lose sight of what Christmas is all about. As Christians, we have a responsibility to keep our wits about us. Help us find what that is for, to celebrate and do nothing is wrong.

In the Beginning (11am)

December 13, 2020 • Rev. Tommy Markham

Lord, we are in the season of Advent. We are thinking about everything but what Advent is all about. We are coming close to hating what is happening around us. We need forgiveness for trying to not think about the suffering world. We search for the right gifts, almost ignoring the Gift You have given us. Lord, get us on course, that we can put Jesus back in the center.

Expect the Unexpected (11am)

December 6, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

As we contemplate your birth, Lord Jesus, we cannot help but marvel at how many prophecies You fulfilled in such a short time. All the pieces that had to come together, and all the people who had to say “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know,” to make it happen in your perfect timing is astonishing to consider. We do not often see your hand orchestrating our lives, when we look back, we see your grace moving through all our pain and confusion. Help us, in these days, to trust your Almighty hand. You are giving us grace to carry out your will, even now, even if we do not see what You are doing. Open our hearts to trust, our minds to believe, and our hands to receive Your grace, even today! Forgive us Lord for not thinking deeply into your interaction in our lives, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Behind and Before (11am)

November 29, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

Lord, as we prepare to celebrate your birth, we put out lights, trees, decorations, and we want that feeling of being cozy in our spaces. We try to push all the fears we have to the back of our minds – Covid-19, political problems, world problems, personal, church, and family problems. Many of these things are out of our control, but they seem to pursue us from dawn to night. As the season of Advent unfolds, may we recognize Jesus not only as the baby in the cradle, but especially as the Lord of all creation. Teach us to bring all those problems, all those people, all those worries to you in our prayers and petitions, because you are powerful, mighty, and the Savior of the world! You are working through us (and sometimes despite us) to bring relief to those who suffer, hope to those who fear, justice to those who are oppressed, and love to all who will receive love. May we receive you as Lord over all creation, and especially over our individual lives, and follow your lead in all things. When we come to celebrate your birth, we will be ready to receive your grace, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer During the Trial (11am)

November 22, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

Lord, when things seem to collapse around us, we start scrambling for a foothold, something that we can depend on. We often reach for a human handhold, but nothing of human origin remains the same. We are the grass that withers and fades, and our greatest accomplishments can be undone in a moment. Teach us to rely on your Word, Lord, to depend on your grace and promises, which are eternal. When the time of crisis and trial arrives, we can then have steady ground to stand on and even sing your praises. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer In the Trial (11am)

November 15, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

Lord, we are not good at the dance of faith. We’re like children who ask for a cookie after they’ve eaten half the cookies in the jar. We want you to guide us where we want to go, and we want you to bless the actions we take without seeking your input. Help us to learn the dance of faith – balancing surrender to your will with making our requests known in bold faith. This we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer Before the Trial (11am)

November 8, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

Whether we find ourselves in the belly of despair or on the crown of triumph, we confess that we don’t keep in touch with you enough, Lord. We are glad to work for you or do things in your name, but we often find ourselves too busy to stay in contact. You want our time more than our work, and our presence more than our presents. Help us connect more with you so that we can know your hand is guiding us, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Now What? (11am)

November 1, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

Call to Worship From Hebrews 11 What is faith? Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Can we approach God with faith? We approach God with the faith that he exists and rewards those who seek him. Does faith give us what we want? Not at once, for all those who have lived by faith have not yet received what was promised. What did they receive – what can we receive? God has provided something better so that they would not, apart from us, be made perfect. We praise God for faith, perseverance, and the promises that will be fulfilled!

What Church Means to Me (One service)

October 25, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

Lord, we confess our confusion: With the pandemic, fires, hurricanes, personal, political, and corporate challenges of this year, our hearts feel like ping pong balls clattering uncontrollably on broken pavement. We have minds of cold, wet, and hungry squirrels looking for the food we forgot we already had. And yet — we’re here, together, gathered as the Body of Christ to feast on the Word and gain whatever truth will help us be fruitful for the upcoming week. Thank you, Lord! You know what we need, and you provide. Help us be the church for each other, for our community, and for our families and friends, so we can not only weather the storms in front of us, but bring a breath of grace to the people around us, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Back to the Law, or Forward to a New Life?

October 18, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

Like children who want to prove they are all grown up, we can imagine that we have outgrown you, Lord. After all, you want us to grow and develop. You gave us brains, talents, and abilities to become leaders, learn new things, and make mistakes. However, we forget that you gave us all that we are and all that we have, and you want to partner with us to bring a vision of the kingdom of God to earth. We will not outgrow our need for you because what you want most is a relationship with us, not our work for you. Remind us where we came from and where we are going, so our eyes can remain focused on you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Fellowship of the Mat (11am)

October 11, 2020 • Tom Hite

Merciful Lord, we confess that we don’t answer your call to follow and to serve you. Instead, we offer excuses that all begin with, “I can’t.” Yes, we have limitations — physical, financial, medical, emotional — but the problem comes when we begin to define ourselves by those limitations. Even when we can, we say can’t. How it must grieve you, Oh God, that we become content with just sitting still day by day because of “can’t.” Forgive us, Lord, for not recognizing our gifts, for neglecting to nurture and use them. Lead us to see that we can, so that we may live into the fullness of life you promise when we follow you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Back to the New Old Home (11am)

October 4, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

In the wilderness, we can either complain about the sand or grow fruit. Share Your Gifts https://firstumcfoxhill.breezechms.com/form/fad86828 Spiritual Gifts Inventory https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/spiritual-gifts-inventory/en

Back to ‘Safety,’ or Forward to the Future? (11am)

September 27, 2020 • Rev. Brian Sixbey

With dismay, we watch the Israelites complaining in the wilderness, knowing their complaints will cost them 40 years of traveling. Then, we complain about everything under the sun, including the sun, thinking we have every right to complain. However, we undermine our joy and our time with our complaints. You provide for us, Lord! No matter what we think, You will make a way through the wilderness. Teach us to praise through the same lips that complain, so we can be a blessing to our neighbors and ourselves. In Jesus’ name. Amen.