Worship Arts Troupe Interest Meeting

February 11, 2024
12:15 - 1:15pm

WAT - First Prez Worship Arts Troupe Mission Statement The Worship Arts Troupe Ministry of First Presbyterian Church strives to inspire, edify, and nurture persons of all ages to share their talents in praise of God and in service to others by offering them the opportunity to be involved at every age and skill level in a wide and varied worship arts program. Soi Deo Gloria Vision Statement The Worship Arts Troupe Program is designed to develop a community of creative people brought together for the purposes of worship, Christian community, and discipleship. • Recognize that the worship experience should provide a wide range of artistic expression to allow worshipers to experience God’s presence through varied mediums. • Recognize the value of the small group experience in the life of the congregation by establishing programs and worship experiences that offer opportunities for participation as necessary for all ages and skill levels. • Recognize that a wide variety of arts from various time periods will be encouraged to enhance the worship experience and support spiritual lessons and biblical texts. • Strive for excellence and integrity in all aspects of the worship and the arts program. • Provide outreach opportunities through the arts to the community and beyond. This community of artists will include (but not be limited to) actors, singers, liturgical dancers, visual artists, cinematographers, sound and lighting technicians, and support members. Even though performance is an end product in artistic endeavors, the ideology of a Worship Arts Program is participation (experience) based rather than performance (production) based. Any level of experience is welcome, from novice enthusiast to professional. The Worship Arts Troupe will meet weekly at a time TBD. Every member will be given a chance to participate. Projects will determine the length and time of rehearsals. The focus of a Worship Arts program should be on the spiritual development before the artistic development of the individual, the major emphasis being on Christian growth and education through the arts with a secondary goal of producing a quality end product for congregational presentation and outreach. The Worship Arts Troupe program features positive reinforcement in a Christian atmosphere through the arts. We seek to develop God-given gifts and talents as we minister to children, youth, their families, and adults through creative, inspirational drama, musicals, short films, blended media projects, liturgical worship experiences, and theatrical presentations for our community.