Our Role and the Lord’s Requirement

Truth, Justice, and the way of Jesus

November 21, 2021 • Eric Laverentz • Micah 6:6–8

God is not impressed with our acts of piety. What moves the heart of God is loving our neighbor as ourselves, living by the code of unconditional love both as recipient from Jesus and by giving it to others, and walking humbly with God- not trumpeting our own goodness but knowing that we are saved by grace alone and not by works.

Radically Made in God's Image

November 14, 2021 • Eric Laverentz • Genesis 9:1–7

Because everyone is made in the image of God, everyone, from womb to tomb, is worthy of dignity and respect. We are held responsible, in the highest form, for how we regard others- particularly in safeguarding their lives especially the lives of the weak and vulnerable who cannot defend themselves.

Race and Repentance

November 7, 2021 • Eric Laverentz, Rob Clay • Acts 17:24–31

The great distinction in this world is between people created in the image of God and everything else. All humanity comes from one blood, the blood of Adam. Although we are all made differently and God has appointed us to different nations, tribes and tongues, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made and share a common humanity with Jesus Christ. The Lord calls everyone to repent and live by faith in Christ.

Poverty, Power, and Privilege

October 31, 2021 • Eric Laverentz

The Bible calls us to show no partiality when it comes to using our gifts and resources to serve others. We are to reach across man-made borders and boundaries and love our neighbors as ourselves. In this sermon, Pastor Eric explores God's call for us to tear down man-made barriers and love others.