Panel Discussion on Racism

September 20, 2015 • Pastor Rod Loy, Pastor Brad Russell, Yvette Rivera, Pat Knott, Manuel Hernandez, Shelby Thomas, & Pastor Randy Jumper

Listen to this candid talk on prejudice between Pastor Rod and some friends of his, including 2 African Americans, 2 Latinos, and 2 Caucasians. This discussion was completely unscripted and turned out to be an extremely powerful and healthy conversation.

Forgiveness - When I Need Forgiveness

November 30, 2019 • Pastor Rod Loy

What do I do when I am in need of forgiveness?  How do I personally move past the hurt?  Do I have to just act like it never happened?  This weekend, we will look at the Bible and what it shares about what to do when we need forgiveness.

Forgiveness - How Do I Forgive?

November 23, 2019 • Pastor Rod Loy

How do we forgive, and how can we move past major hurts?  How can I just move on? This weekend, we'll use scripture to figure out the biblical way to forgive those who hurt us most.

Forgiveness - Why Should I Forgive?

November 16, 2019 • Pastor Rod Loy

Why should you forgive, when the hurt may not even be your fault? Shouldn't the offending person make the first move? This weekend, we'll take a look at Scripture to determine why forgiveness is not only a good idea--but imperative for every believer.