Marriage Enrichment

March 6, 2024
6:30 - 7:45pm

Ted Lowe is going to walk us through Scripture, research, and neuroscience to find a simple way of rethinking our marriages in: “Us In Mind: How Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Marriage”. -AND- In “Sacred Marriage”, Gary Thomas invites you to see how God can use marriage as a discipline and a motivation to reflect more of the character of Jesus. Your marriage is a spiritual discipline ideally suited to help you know God more fully and intimately. Sacred Marriage shifts the focus from marital enrichment to spiritual enrichment in ways that can help you love your mate more. Come join us and invest in your marriage! Cost: $10/person; $20/couple Large Group Meeting Location: First McKinney, Worship Center Balcony Room 1210 *Children and Youth activities available **Classes will not meet on 2/14, 3/13, and 3/27 When: Jan 10 - May 1, 2024 (6:30 pm - 7:45 pm)