The Simplest Way to Change the World

Part 1: Start Small

Romans 15:1–13; Matthew 13:31–33 • February 2, 2020 • Pastor Luke Uran

We begin a six-week series on biblical hospitality. What does it look like, in a culture where neighbors barely recognize each other? Bring your hesitations, objections and fears. We all have them. But ... this could be simpler than we ever thought.

Part 2: You Want Me to Do What?

Romans 12:1–2; 1 Peter 4:7–11 • February 9, 2020 • Pastor Luke Uran

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, our culture works against biblical hospitality. If we’re not careful, the culture’s values can become ours. This week, we explore what it looks like to renew our minds in spite of all that.

Part 3: Loving the Stranger

Leviticus 19:34; Revelation 7:9–11; Hebrews 13:2 • February 17, 2020 • Pastor Josh Pardee

By our hospitality, we declare the “outsider” as our brother or sister … just as God has done for us. It boils down to whether we live in fear, or love.

Part 4: Hospital for Sinners

Matthew 9:9–13; Acts 2:42–47 • February 23, 2020 • Pastor Luke Uran

As a tax collector, Matthew may have been the least likely disciple. Yet he quickly turned his house into a place where spiritual outsiders could gather for a meal and meet Jesus. We can learn much from Matthew’s actions.

Part 5: The Art of Neighboring

John 4:5–9; John 5:1–9 • March 1, 2020 • Pastor Luke Uran

Jesus’ conversations with a Samaritan woman and a disabled man provide valuable lessons in how to engage with our neighbors. Hint: It’s not as difficult as it might seem.

Part 6: Getting to the Gospel

Romans 1:16; 1 Peter 3:8–17 • March 8, 2020 • Pastor Luke Uran

For the final message in this series, we reach the bottom line. If someone were to ask why you are a Christian, what would you say? How do we make sure we are being authentic and ready for that conversation?