(June 16th) Sanctuary Worship - In God We Trust

June 16, 2024 • Rev. Dr. Craig S. Brown • Luke 12:13–21

* 10 Worship Service

* 10 Kids Camp gathering (infant through 5th grade)

* 11:15 Koinonia Adult Class (Pastor Craig presenting) and Young Adults Group (meets @ Two Kick)

* Wednesday, 6:30 Youth Group (middle and high school)

Sermon (Treasure Matters: "In God We Trust" Luke 12:13-21): Greed continues to plague the human condition. For thousands of years human beings have often been gripped by their fear of loss and security. This fear gives rise to the practice of greed which sees the "self" as the center. In this week's episode, Jesus begins to open us up to the power of greed in our lives and how we might be set free.