Losing a Generation

John 1

January 29, 2017 • Jon Wood

There's been much talk of the rise of the "nones" in our nation regarding Millennials and others who have no religious affiliation (and don't want one.) For the church to ignore this reality is tragic and yet, to continue a practice of inviting young people into lukewarm Christianity is not the answer. Jon speaks of this reality.

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002 - Matthew Part 7

The Authority of Christ • April 15, 2018 • David Tarkington

The religious leaders confronted Jesus with a question about his authority. He never shied away from acknowledging that his authority as the Son of God and Messiah came from the Father, but he turns the question back onto the questioners here. Perhaps the question is not so much to Jesus "Who do you think you are?" but to us. Who do we think we are? As Christians?

001 - Matthew Part 7

The Gilded Church • April 8, 2018 • David Tarkington

The Gilded Age of America describes a time following the Civil War where things looked good from the outside looking in, but was deemed "gilded" (wrapped in gold leaf or paint) which meant looks were deceiving. On the inside, just beneath the surface, there were things that were wrong, unfair, ungodly, and broken. Jesus curses a fig tree in Matthew 21. The tree was full of leaves, but no figs. It was therefore deemed worthless. It looked good on the outside, but was fruitless. It was a "gilded tree." The church runs the risk of being like this as well. This is a warning to Christians, especially those in America and the west, to avoid becoming a "gilded church."

Easter 2018

Matthew 28:1-10 • April 1, 2018 • David Tarkington

The ladies (Mary and Mary) arrive at Jesus' tomb early on that Resurrection Sunday, not expecting to find it empty. They definitely did not expect to be met by an angel in a scene too amazing to be imagined. Yet, at this moment, it became clear, and verified by Christ himself when he appeared to the ladies, that Jesus was not dead, but rose from the dead as he said he would. That message of life and resurrection is the reason we have hope and can have life today.