Christmas Eve 2021

December 24, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus

Christmas Eve marks the final day of Advent. Tomorrow morning we celebrate the Birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ and begin the 12-day celebration of Christmas. Our tendency is to rush into Christmas and rush out of Christmas. This often leaves us exhausted, overwhelmed with more stuff, and desperate to find the next big thing to look forward to. Where is Jesus in all of that? Christmas marks the turning point for humanity, God incarnate, the Savior - - Messiah has come! For followers of Jesus, Advent marks the beginning of our church year. It is purposeful in preparing us for the celebration of Jesus’ birth and the confident expectation of His glorious return. Jesus has come, full of grace and truth. Join us at 4:30 pm this Friday, Dec. 24, as we turn our attention to the manger of the Messiah. We will wonder along with the Apostle John at the marvel of this miracle birth. We will celebrate the Light of the World who entered into our darkness, full of grace and truth; radiating the glory of God. Our offering during this Christmas Eve Service will be used to bless two local ministries: Foster Stitches and Parent Life. If you would like to give to either of these ministries, you may choose to purchase a gift card in the amount of $20 or $25 from Cashwise, Walmart, Target, Menards or Home Depot. We are also accepting cash or check donations.

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December 26 Sunday Service

December 26, 2021 • Pastor Dan May • Luke 1:26–38

Over these last few weeks, Pastor Chris has challenged us to “Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All.” These challenges do not end on Christmas Day. Rather, they are to be lived out daily. This morning, Pastor Dan will present three truths that will help us live into being fully devoted followers of Jesus.