One Big Day

August 22, 2021 • Rocky Hovda

We read about many "One Big Day" events when Jesus was walking on the earth: A paralyzed man walks again, a blind man sees, a woman healed from bleeding, fish caught, crowds fed, and the dead raised to life! But what about your One Big Day? Chances are good you have already experienced one or two in your life! An unmistakable voice guiding you, miraculous healing, wisdom that could only have come from God. It's time to share our One Big Day stories with each other!

Harvest Fest Live

November 21, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus

This Sunday, we recognize God’s faithfulness as we celebrate the bringing in of the harvest. Our farming families have been faithful in their work to bring in the crops that were planted months ago in anticipation of God’s faithfulness. I love serving in a community that has deep agricultural roots because I am reminded every year that we are invited into a stewarding partnership with the Almighty God. God makes the crops grow, but our farmers must commit to their task of tending the soil, planting the seeds, fighting against disease and insects, and finally bringing in the harvest. For all their work, every farm family I talk with acknowledges that their best efforts do not guarantee a successful harvest if God doesn’t send the rain, hold back the hail and winds and provide the warmth of summer. Farming is a partnership! Jesus used images of the harvest field in emphasizing the Disciple’s work of bringing wayward souls into a life-transforming relationship with the Father, through faith in the Son. Christians are both the harvest fields and the harvesters working the fields. God’s plan all along has been to transform rebellious people into His adopted daughters and sons. Transformation is at the very center of God’s work. In writing to the Church in Corinth (2 Corinthians 3:18), the Apostle Paul emphasizes the transformational work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. Often we want God to change things around us, but not necessarily in us. Yet, it seems that God transforms communities THROUGH the transformation of those who turn to the LORD in faith. In other words, as we're transformed, God expands the work of transformation to others. The theme of this year's Harvest Celebration is transformation. Each of our ministry partners (Covenant World Relief & Development, Santiago Partnership, and Arrive Ministries) is committed to seeing God transform lives through relationships with Christians who understand what it means to be transformed themselves. Join us as this year we respond to God’s faithfulness by pooling our financial gifts and raising $30,000.00 to further God's transforming work both here in Willmar and around the world. If you have not yet done so, please take the time to learn more about our Harvest Celebration partners.