Christ's Sacrifice for All

November 14, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Hebrews 10

Over the past two Sunday’s we have looked at Hebrews, Chapter 9, wherein the author draws two compelling parallels between the Old Covenant which served as the key framework for the Jewish faith and the New Covenant which is brought about in Jesus Christ. The tabernacle, which served as the point of contact between a Holy God and a chosen people, created the means by which the Jewish people could gain access to God and God was present among God’s people. This space, as well as the Jewish people, were sanctified or set apart through sacrificial shedding of blood. This blood brought about forgiveness and cleansing for the people. The priests, most notably the High Priest, served as a mediator of the sacrifice, a bridge between God and the people. To the author of Hebrews, the incarnate Son of God marked a new tabernacle. The blood of Jesus sacrificed in death on the cross, sealed a new covenant. And finally, that Jesus would serve as the ultimate High Priest means (that as Christians) we have a bridge to eternal life and a mediator who sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. In preparation for this Sunday, read Hebrews 10 We are excited to welcome Wendy Meyering of Arrive Ministries to share with us the plans our community has for reaching out to refugees. Arrive Ministries is looking to hire a Willmar Area Coordinator who will mobilize and resource our community churches to live fully into the LORD’s instruction to love our neighbor. Come meet her this Sunday and learn about the amazing work Arrive Ministries is doing here in Minnesota.

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The Blood of Jesus

November 7, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Hebrews 9:11–28

The New Testament book of Hebrews provides a powerful view of Jesus Christ through the lens of the Jewish faith. For the author of this book, Jesus did not simply appear out of nowhere with a new revelation. The law and the prophets, the Hebrew religious ritual, the Covenant promises, all of them come together in Jesus the Christ. This week we continue in Hebrews 9 as the author transitions from the significance of the Tabernacle in providing access to the almighty to the necessity of blood in both cleansing and forgiveness. Such a concept is difficult for our modern minds to grasp. Or, as one of my former students once asked, “Why does there have to be so much blood?” While not easy to understand, it is evident that blood plays a central role in the sacrificial act. Just as Jesus would take the idea of Tabernacle to a whole new level of access before the Father, so too the blood of Christ initiates a new Covenant for believers. Providing unprecedented cleansing and forgiveness for a fallen human creation. In preparation for this Sunday, read Hebrews 9:11-28.

Worship in the Tabernacle

October 31, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Hebrews 9:1–10

Over the next three weeks, we will be exploring the literary center of the book of Hebrews. The author meticulously points to Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah sent from God for the salvation of all humanity. For Christians (who find themselves drawn to the Old Testament and God’s faithfulness to the descendants of Abraham), the book of Hebrews is a deep theological treatise that draws together the Law and the Prophets in pointing toward the promised Messiah; Jesus’ fulfillment of the Old Covenant; and the invitation to the New Covenant in His blood. This Sunday, we will begin with Hebrews 9: 1-10.