God's Glory

Matthew 6:9-13

September 17, 2023 • Rev. Jeremy A. McKeen • Matthew 6:9–13

Last week, we looked at a general overview of the Lord’s Prayer. This week we consider the first main theme of the Lord’s Prayer, God’s glory. What is the meaning and everyday significance of “Our Father in Heaven”? What are we asking for when we pray, “Hallowed by your name”? And what would it look like for God to answer that request in our lives? There’s so many transformative lessons packed into these two lines that I can’t wait to share with you.

God's Will

October 1, 2023 • Rev. Jeremy A. McKeen • Matthew 6:9–13

Last week, we explored the nature and coming of God’s kingdom in our lives. But what does it look like for us to be kingdom-first people? The next petition in the Lord’s Prayer, “your will be done”, gives us the answer. We are called to do God’s will and model our lives after the King’s heart and the value system of heaven. Yet, how can we discern God’s will for the big and small decisions of everyday life? With all the commands in the Bible, considering God’s will can often feel overwhelming. Where do we even begin? This week we consider the two wills of God and how to relate to each of them.

God's Kingdom

September 24, 2023 • Rev. Jeremy A. McKeen • Matthew 6:9–13

When we pray, “Your kingdom come…on earth as it is heaven”, what are we actually praying for? What are we hoping will happen? What does this part of the Lord’s Prayer mean for our lives, our church, and the world? And why is praying it so important? We hope you can join us this Sunday as we consider the nature of God’s kingdom and the coming of God’s kingdom. We’ll discover the revolutionary importance of understanding and praying this second petition for ourselves and for one another.

Pray Then Like This

September 10, 2023 • Rev. Jeremy A. McKeen • Matthew 6:9–13

Jesus knew the everyday value of prayer. We're told in the Bible that he would often draw away by himself to pray. His disciples saw the power and importance of Jesus' prayer life, but like all of us, they recognized they needed help. When they asked Jesus, "Lord, teach us to pray," he gave them a model prayer to follow. What a gift! The Lord's Prayer is like handrails for when our prayer life loses it's balance. But it does more than that; it reassures our hearts, realigns our priorities, and restores our fellowship with God and one another. Join us this Sunday as we begin a new teaching series through this timeless and sacred prayer.