At The Table

Wednesday Night Young Adult Bible Study (hybrid)

April 3, 2024
7:00 - 8:30pm

"At the Table" is a practical life study for young adults 17 to 35, where we explore the bible for our everyday understanding. We will meet every Wednesday virtually and, once a month, have an in-person meet-up at a restaurant of the group's choosing. It's at the table where peace, joy, and love are found. It's at the table where discussions are had, guests are invited and celebrated. It's at the table where all are welcome. It's at the table where Jesus asks us to sit, and He meets us on our level. Requirements: - Create a space where you can entirely focus on the lesson and where your cameras are on. - This is an active study, so participation is needed as we interact. - Find a personal bible or study bible - Something to write or take notes with Dates: April 3-June 26th, then we will resume in the Fall.