Celebration Sunday - Honoring Rev. Spear

9:30 Worship and Reception to Follow

May 23, 2021
9:30am - 12:30pm

Following the announcement that Jimmy would be leaving us in May, a committee has been formed to plan a special send-off for his last Sunday in church. We have already met and are moving fast due to the short time we have. Jimmy is very special to us and, through the years, has become intertwined in the life of the church and the lives of our people. None of us can think of church without him! Lifelong relationships have formed that will continue to be consequential to those involved. As much as he will be missed, we want him to have another successful chapter in his life at First Christian Church in Edwardsville. To celebrate the 14 years he has been with FCC, a celebration is being planned for his last Sunday, May 23. You will be an important part in making that day a success by your presence! The celebration will start with presentations in church, proceeded by a reception in Yonker Fellowship Hall following church. Book of Letters A book of letters will be assembled for Jimmy to let him know how much we appreciate his time here in Columbia and the enormous contributions he has made to our lives and our church. Everyone is encouraged to write a note, which will be assembled into a scrapbook of memories put together by Brenda Mosby and presented in church on Celebration Sunday. Since Jimmy’s last Sunday with us is less than a month away, we don’t have a lot of time, so we urge that you get the letters into the church office as quickly as possible. Send letters to the Church Office, attn: Fred Mottaz. Fred will see that Brenda gets the letters promptly. Congregational Love Gift Donations are welcomed from all members of the congregation for a monetary gift to be given to Jimmy in appreciation for his 14 years of ministry to First Christian Church. Send your confidential contribution to JIMMY SPEAR FUND, First Christian Church, attn: Fred Mottaz.