Tembug, Emmanuel & Georgette


Dear brethren, my family and I are very thankful to Our Lord Jesus Christ who has chosen us to be part of Fire International in order to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ in our home, communities, America and the world at large. We are also grateful to Dr. Josh Peters and the leadership of Fire International for believing in us and assisting us with prayers and counseling in order to excel in this journey with The Holy Spirit. Evangelism has been my passion, two weeks after I was saved from the road to hell back to eternity with JESUS, and I read Matthew 28:18-20 and also learned to obey God according to Ecclesiastes 12:13 and Jesus also “my sheep hear my voice and observe”. Georgette and I have been doing street evangelism in Africa and also continue to do so in American after we moved here and the Lord has increased the number.