Dean, Michelle


Michelle is currently based in Hawaii taking part in the apprenticeship program for the Ekballo House ministry school that trains leaders to take the gospel into distant lands overseas to multiply houses of Prayer. With the apprenticeship, Michelle takes the gospel of Jesus across nations with her missional team, pouring out on regions in dire need of hope and restoration. Her desire is to see people’s lives touched by a love they have never known in the Lord. Michelle longs to witness and take part in the moments where people are brought out of hopelessness and into our Savior’s arms. Michelle has a heart for the lost and she knows a major part of her call is to connect people to the Lord’s heart in a way that they can actually hear and understand how deep, how wide, and how vast the Father’s unconditional love is for each one. In 1 Cor 13, scripture reads, “If I have not love, I have nothing” and this rings true to Michelle as she firmly believes that without knowing the love of Christ our life is but a meaningless vapor, as nothing can compare to the beauty of his love for us.
Michelle is a graduate of the Ekballo House Missional school and has received specialized training in street evangelism, worship, prayer, laboring and rebuilding communities, serving regions, and preaching/teaching.
For Michelle, worship is an essential part of expressing the Love of Christ everywhere she ministers. She believes that through song, people become set free as they hear and feel the word of god saturating an atmosphere. With worship, she aims to bring a renewing to broken regions, that when hearts are stirred by the music people can suddenly find hope in the lord to renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles ~ Isaiah 40:31.
On a yearly basis, Michelle is dedicated to work on sustainable ministry living at her Hawaii home base while she is prepping for missions trips. Therefore, a significant portion of her ministry living resides in fostering healthy community and discipling the next generations of leaders in Christ. Her hope is that as she continues to practice sewing good seeds into a Christ-centered community, that the word of god will prosper and multiply abundantly throughout the earth because of these youthful vessels sold out for Jesus.
Then from this cultivated place of deep intimacy and relationship with the father, Michelle embarks on the great commission of taking the heart of Jesus to the ends of the earth. In partnership with her missions team, Michelle goes on periodic trips either overseas or in the states upon the call of the Lord. During these trips, it is all about touching lives and moving hearts by immersing oneself wholeheartedly in the cultures and communities. In practical terms, this often involves praying for people, bringing forth the joy of the lord through worship and dancing, sharing about Jesus, getting in the dirt and laboring to help resurrect poverty stricken areas, and ultimately just Loving deeply as Jesus first loved us.
The journey is all consuming and unpredictable in this never ending life with God, but Michelle intends to give every moment of it unto his glory. She desires to reach the unreached, to show those without a knowledge of the father what a treasure he really is no matter what that looks like – overseas, at home, on the road or in the wilderness. She needs your help to continue this beautiful work and she sees a fruitfulness in inviting you into her story. If you feel led to partner with or support her- get excited, because the adventure has just begun!
For inquiries and updates to Michelle’s newsletter, email her at seekthesummit777@gmail.com.