Yoda, Sasagu and Junko


Sasagu and Junko have been serving as pastors of Okinawa Christian Center since 2011, along with their 2 daughters, Shion (6) and Selah (4).
Their focus is on 2 areas: the church, and the community.
They believe that the believes are to be the bright light of this world, by re-defining their true identity in Christ. Through counseling, teachings, and trainings, many have discovered their true callings and purposes, and started seeing the transformation within their families and friends.
They also believe that the church can be a great blessing to the local community by becoming a part of it. One way to reach them, in 2017, they established a general incorporated association called “Canaan Care Center”, for this place to be a gathering place of locals young and old, weak and strong, well and wounded. Our goal is to “restore the families of Okinawa” by presenting God’s grace and forgiveness through a series of events and workshops.

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