Nissen, Greg and Debbie

USA (Seattle)

Greg and Debbie moved to the state of Washington at the beginning of 2019 to begin a new work. They formerly served in Crewe, England for over eleven years, working in areas of youth, children’s ministry, discipleship, local outreach, schools work, prayer ministry, and church work. They also assisted in planting a new church in 2010.
In 2013, Greg and Debbie began praying about a new mission field they felt God put on their hearts: Seattle, Washington and the surrounding area. According to internet sources, this region has the lowest church attendance and the highest percentage of atheism in the US. While Seattle has much to offer in way of beauty, culture, and business, the city’s spiritual climate is very dark. Churches do exist, but Christianity has very little influence.
Drug abuse, human trafficking, and homelessness are rampant in Western Washington. Seattle is also considered to be one of the most liberal and progressive cities in the US. Lost, lonely, and hurting people are everywhere, but they have no hope apart from Jesus; in a city where Jesus is ignored or scorned, they aren’t going to find any answers. This is the mission field Greg and Debbie believe God has called them to. They pray that the Holy Spirit will lead them to those who are hungry and hurting, to those who are ready and willing to listen to the voice of the One who has the answers they are seeking.
Greg and Debbie also hope to reach out to university students and immigrants. With multiple colleges and universities in the city, Seattle apparently has one of the nation’s highest percentages of graduates. Seattle is also very multicultural. Statistically, Seattle is predominantly white, but there is a large, growing population of people from Asia, particularly China, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. Other people groups include Native American tribes and also immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, and Latin America.
There are so many opportunities to reach out to people in the Seattle area. Greg and Debbie wish to see a spiritual awakening in Seattle and beyond. They have seen evidence of God moving many of His people to the Pacific Northwest, and these people are praying and believing for revival! Greg and Debbie want to see people repent of their sins, open their hearts to Jesus, be set free from bondages, find healing, and grow into strong disciples of Jesus. Their goal is to glorify Jesus and change lives.
Please keep the Nissen family in your prayers as they settle in Washington, and please pray for finances. Washington is a very expensive place to live. Currently, Greg is doing discipleship with new believers, helping with a homeless feeding program, and praying with others who long to see revival in this region. Other opportunities are beginning to open up to work with recovering drug addicts and also to do evangelism, so the work in Washington is definitely plentiful!