Myers, Caleb


My heart has always been stirred to see the youth and young adult generation to be fully sold out for Jesus. I believe God is going to move powerfully through this youth and young adult generation and generations to come in a powerful way.

I felt God lead me to help raise up young men from the ages 15-30 to be true men that He has called them to be. I'm here to be an aid and a resource to these young men. To help them know their true identity in Christ and to help them get where God has called them to be.

This will mainly be conducted through discipleship and mentorship. Of course the Word of God will be the foundation of the discipleship and mentorship. Discipleship will be conducted in many ways. Whether that is through Small Groups, Bible Studies, or Discipleship Group Curriculums.

There will be specific focuses that each age group will have, but ultimately the goal is for all of these young men to discover their true identity and purpose in Christ. That they are sons of the most High God, and that they are called and chosen. God has something special and specific for these young men. Society is trying to place false labels, concepts, and identity on young men, but God has other plans for these young men. Get ready because God is raising up the future Daniels, Davids, Calebs, Joshuas, Timothys, Peters, and Pauls. God is going to do something powerful through His sons and I have the honor to help carry out God's plan.