Ezra Institute Podcast for Cultural Reformation 2021

Tim Keller, Power, and the Incarnation

December 22, 2021 • Joe Boot , Ryan Eras, Nathan Oblak

For this Christmas week episode, we examine a recent tweet from Tim Keller submitted by a listener on the nature of the cross and of power. To understand what Christ was accomplishing and demonstrating on the cross, we need to consider why He came to earth as a baby in the first place, and what He has called His people to in the time before His incarnation as well as after His ascension to the Father.

And Such were Some of You

December 15, 2021 • Joe Boot , Nathan Oblak, Ryan Eras • 1 Corinthians

This week’s episode deals with the recent hustle of Bill C4 through the Canadian senate, to become law early in the new year, describing how Christian counselling has effectively and explicitly been made a criminal offense. We also get a chance to respond to some listener questions on the relationship between law and gospel.

No Liberty without Law

December 8, 2021 • Joe Boot , R, Nathan Oblak

Today Canada passed Bill C4, asserting that the basis of human dignity consists in radical autonomy from any tradition or authority. Such legislation should leave no doubt whether politics is a moral issue – it is something that Scripture speaks about, and something that ministers ought to speak on both in public and in the pulpit.

The Foundation for Thinking

December 1, 2021 • Joe Boot , Nathan Oblak, Ryan Eras

Where do we locate the starting point for human thinking? Descartes famously identified human nature with thought: “I think, therefore I am.” However, the “I” who thinks must find its foundation in something prior to thought. The Christian perspective locates the root of thinking in the heart, which makes a religious choice about the origin of all things.

Answering Listener Questions on Theonomy

November 24, 2021 • Ethics,, Theonomy

The issue of theonomy has been a perennial question – how do we understand, interpret, and apply the law of God in its original context, as well as the present day? Beginning with the basics, Joe Boot examines the origins and assumptions of the theonomic perspective, explaining that at its root, theonomy is a view of Christian ethics that seeks to take the whole Word of God seriously.

The Church, the Magistrate, and the Law

November 17, 2021 • Joe Boot , Tim Stephens, Andre Sc

Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church, Calgary, joins us to talk about his experience with Alberta Health Services and the reason he persisted in gathering his church together. Andre Schutten considers some of the legal implications and precedents surrounding Tim’s case, and the nature of the relationship between the church and the civil magistrate.

Climate, COVID, CRT, and the new Counter-Reformation

November 10, 2021 • Joe Boot , Ryan Eras, Nathan Oblak

Tracking the development of Western thought from the Reformation and forward into today, we notice that several contemporary dominant ideas that have their root in self-conscious opposition to God and His Word, and to the idea of man as the image-bearer of God. Chief among these in our own time is the modern green movement. What does a biblical approach to climate stewardship look like?

Sphere Sovereignty and Naming the World

October 27, 2021 • Joe Boot , Ryan Eras, Nathan Oblak

We revisit two of our favourite themes - Sphere Sovereignty and Modal Aspects - and explore how these two models emerged from the Reformation and how they identify and give expression to the way the world is necessarily organized.

God’s Revelation in Nature

October 20, 2021 • Joe Boot , Ryan Eras, Nathan Oblak

The biblical starting point for all human activity – including academic reflection – is the character of God as revealed in the Bible, the incarnate Son, and the created world. For man to begin with anything else is necessarily to respond in an idolatrous fashion.

How Do We Encounter Reality?

October 13, 2021 • Joe Boot , Ryan Eras, Nathan Oblak • Acts 17:22–34

Contrary to unbelieving philosophy which places some aspect of human experience on the throne of the universe, and contrary to earlier Christian philosophy which seeks to elevate theology above all other spheres of science, is the Reformational view. On this view, the self-attesting revealed Word of God is the basis for every subsequent theory about the universe. Music graciously provided by Jacob Moon Get Joe Boot’s book, The Mission of God Related Resources

How Does the World Hold Together?

October 6, 2021 • Joe Boot , Ryan Eras, Nathan Oblak

This episode introduces the idea that aspects of reality hang together like pearls on a thread, and explains how philosophical assumptions inform and direct our everyday activities. Music graciously provided by Jacob Moon. Get Joe Boot’s book on the extent of Christian faith beyond the church, For Mission.