Heavy Lifting with Uncle Gary 2022

Matthew and Revelation

June 29, 2022 • Gary DeMar

Gary discusses the Gospel of Matthew and compares it to the book of Revelation. The Olivet Discourse (Mt. 24-25) is a continuation of what Jesus began teaching in Matthew chapter 10. The events revealed in John's Revelation are the same events, fulfilled in the first century. Audience relevance, time texts, and many other context indicators make it clear that the Bible is not speaking about events thousands of years in the future, but about the same time frame as when they were originally given, leading up to the destruction of the temple and the city (Jerusalem) in AD 70.

Bible Prophecy Matters

June 16, 2022 • Gary DeMar • Matthew

Gary continues his worldview talk focusing on the importance of Eschatology, or a view of the "end times." Most Christians, at least in America, believe in a particular eschatology that teaches escapism and defeatism here on the Earth. Gary points out problems with this view by simply reading and commenting through the Gospel of Matthew.

Worldview Matters

May 26, 2022 • Gary DeMar

Gary discusses the importance of worldview and how it influences all of our thinking and doing. Christians built much of the world and technology that we enjoy today and it was because of their worldview. Every worldview also has an eschatology that informs what tomorrow holds. A pessimistic worldview, such as what is proclaimed by many Bible prophecy writers, does not promote advancement. Much of the modern church is in retreat and this is a direct result of their worldview and especially their eschatology.

Yellen for the Wrong Reasons

Gary DeMar

Gary responds to a statement from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen about how overturning abortion would be bad for the economy. Liberals are in full-scale panic-mode and using every resource and argument they can to combat public perception about abortion "rights." Political rhetoric (i.e., lying) is being floated in every direction by every government office to give the impression that those who oppose abortion are "out of touch."

The Abortion Roaches are Speaking Clearly

Gary DeMar

If the leak from the Supreme Court is to be believed, it appears that the Court could be getting ready to overturn Roe v Wade. What does this mean and how should Christians respond? One amazing side-effect is that pro-infanticide groups and individuals are now speaking what they truly believe about abortion and what it actually is. They are revealing for all to hear that they know it's not a "choice," it's a murder.

Stop with the Pious Gushing

Gary DeMar

Gary discusses the various responses to the announcement that Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter. Christians of all sorts are giving their opinions and the uber-pious are quick to point that Jesus is still the Savior, not Musk. Christians are so accustomed to playing the victim that every situation, even ones that could be beneficial, are viewed as defeats. Gary has had enough of it...

The Dispensational House is Divided

Gary DeMar

Gary discusses the history of a recently re-issued book called House Divided: The break-up of Dispensational Theology. This book is a response to many other written works from the 1980s and is written by Greg Bahnsen and Kenneth Gentry. House Divided is necessary reading for all Christians, because it lays out in great detail the Reformed and Postmillennial approaches to the Scriptures using lots and lots of Bible passages. It is a theological tour de force and it's available in print once again.

The Exegesis is in the Details

April 14, 2022 • Gary DeMar

Gary discusses a recent book by Jerry Bowyer as well as a talk given by Carl Trueman on 2 Kings 2. Jerry's book and Carl's sermon are both thick in details that most Bible readers miss or overlook. The details are not just adding color to the story; often they ARE the story. We need to get more familiar with these details—including geography, economics, occupations, etc.—and with the culture and traditions of the time. These two examples are how the Bible must be interpreted in order to better understand the larger story of Scripture.

Eschatology, Worldview, and the Slap

April 7, 2022 • Gary DeMar

Gary discusses the infamous (and waning) Oscar slap and how it perfectly describes and defines the lack of worldview coherence in today's modern world. Every action—even a slap across Chris Rock's smirking face—begins in the mind and every thought stems from a foundational belief about reality and how the world works (or doesn't). Read the article by Jerry Bowyer here: https://wng.org/opinions/the-tongue-is-a-fire-1648641696

Triggered and Censored

March 31, 2022 • Gary DeMar

Did you do your homework reading from last week? Gary introduces next week's show (spoiler alert: Oscar slap) and then continues discussing the "free speech" event held at Yale Law School earlier this month. Two lawyers gathered to discuss freedom of speech and the "common ground" that can exist between left and right activists, but both were shouted down by law students. So much for blind justice.

By What Standard?

March 24, 2022 • Gary DeMar

Gary discusses the dual topics of theonomy and reconstruction. American Vision has gotten a lot of flack over the years for its stance and teaching on the subject of Old Testament law and its New Testament applicability. While there are certainly varying ideas and beliefs regarding the enduring aspects of God's Law, everyone must ultimately admit that if the standard isn't the entire Bible, what is it? If not God's Law, then what? Read the "homework" article here: https://freebeacon.com/campus/hundreds-of-yale-law-students-disrupt-bipartisan-free-speech-event/ Get Christianity and Civilization here: https://store.americanvision.org/products/the-complete-christianity-and-civilization

We've Got to Get Our Minds Right

March 17, 2022 • Gary DeMar

There is no neutrality; there is no common ground between the Christian and the atheist. Gary responds to an audio clip from Yuval Noah Harari regarding the aims of "humanistic education." Harari admits that personal feelings are the highest authority in a humanistic world that has "outgrown" such antiquated ideas as a Creator God. Without an outside authority, all views are equally valid and your own personal feelings are the gauge of what is right and wrong.

A Common Misunderstanding Refuted

Gary DeMar • Matthew 24

An individual named Paul Williams says he rejected Christianity because he realized that Jesus, Paul, and many others expected the “end of the world” to happen in their lifetimes. Gary responds to this mistaken assumption and Williams’ flimsy excuse for leaving the faith. Anyone with internet access can easily find the answer to what Jesus says in Matthew 10:23, 16:27, 28, Matthew 24, Paul, James, and John. I and many others down through the centuries have been able to find the answer to this seeming “mistake.”

Ezekiel 38 and 39 is History

Gary DeMar • Ezekiel 38—39

Prophecy writers have been using Ezekiel 38 and 39 for centuries to make claims about what was going to happen in their day. The Gog and Magog prophecy describes an ancient battle fought with ancient weapons. It’s obvious that Ezekiel is describing a battle that was in Israel’s near future about 2500 years ago. The most likely fulfillment are the events surrounding the book of Esther. Gary lays all of this out on this episode of Heavy Lifting.

Grape Juice Christianity

February 24, 2022 • Gary DeMar

Grape juice cannot burst old wineskins. Putting new wine in old wineskins will burst the wineskins. The New Covenant is new wine designed to burst old wineskins. Is it coincidental that Jesus’ first miracle was making a whole lot of new wine (John 2:1–12)? The New Covenant bursts the old wineskins of the power structures of the day. Jesus was relentless in doing this. The book of Acts is a history of burst wineskins. Many Christians today are afraid of new wine theology because it often bursts their traditional and unbiblical passive and pietist theology.