Worldview Shotgun Series Album #1

Series Introduction

January 1, 2019 • Pastor Toby Sumpter, Choc Knox, Waterboy

You want to know what makes CrossPolitic tick? What drives the hosts? This audio worldview series lays out the biblical ground work that shapes CrossPolitic’s biblical grid that processes all things cultural and political. This is a good series to share with your friends, small group discussions, discipleship groups, and more. Download and enjoy!

Track 1: Darwin Aint Yo Daddy

Track 2: The Face of Your Father

Track 3: Unbreakable Bond

Track 4: That Old Dragon

Track 5: Jesus our Dragon-Slayer

Track 6: Every Square Inch

Track 7: Lords in the Land

Track 8: Mother Kirk

Track 9: Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Track 10: The Keys of the Kingdom: The Blessing & Necessity of Church Discipline