More Than Words

Vision Sermon Series

The World's Greatest Problem

August 20, 2023 • Dr. Paul Chitwood

As we wrap up this important vision-casting series, Dr. Paul Chitwood, President of the International Mission Board, delivers a message on lostness, its importance, and its solution. At Forest Hills Baptist Church we want to be people who "go" on mission and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Listen to this message and be encouraged in your daily missional living.

Inside / Outside

August 13, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Romans 12:3–8

The third main word in our mission statement is "Serve." This is an often-talked about topic in the church, but there is still such great need in so many different areas. And, often times the purpose of serving is missed or misunderstood. Listen to this message from Pastor Jay to learn about how serving is an integral part of life in the body of Christ and how it is important specifically at Forest Hills Baptist Church.

Grow: Pass It On

August 6, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • 2 Timothy 2:1–2

This week we are focusing on discipleship and how integral it is to the functioning of the Church and the life of the believer. Take a moment to think about who has poured into you through the course of your life – how are you pouring into others those things that were poured into you? Are you a disciple?

Our Worthy Response

July 30, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Mark 12:28–34

In this four-week series, we are taking a deeper dive into the four main components of our mission statement: "to glorify God by making Gospel-centered disciples who LOVE, GROW, SERVE and GO." This week we are focusing on LOVE as it applies to both loving God and loving people. How does LOVE inform who we are as a people and a church? How can we better exemplify it in all areas of our lives? Listen to this important sermon and be encouraged today.