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November 26, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 13

We are prone to wander. What is God's response?

Rebuilding Through Worship

November 19, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 12:27–47

In Nehemiah 12, we get a picture of the Israelites worshipping after they have finished rebuilding. The way that they engage in this worship as a community is notable in a few specific ways, and they help to inform how we should engage in worship in our church today. Listen to this message from Pastor Jay and be reminded of what true worship is.

Rebuilding Through Commitment

November 12, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 10:32–39, Nehemiah 9:38

How is God calling you to commit today?

Rebuilding Through Prayer

November 5, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 9:1–37

In Nehemiah chapter 9, we see the nation of Israel come together before the Lord to pray, offering praise, confession, thanksgiving, and petition to God. How does this time of unified prayer contribute to the overall rebuilding effort that Nehemiah is leading all throughout this book? We see that prayer is absolutely essential for the unification and growth of God's people - even for us today.

Rebuilding Through The Word

October 29, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 8

In chapter 8 of Nehemiah, the Word of God was brought before the people. It was a time of worship and reverence as they remembered who they were called to be as God's people. How do we respond to the Word? Has it become commonplace for us or does it inspire and bring life?

Returning Home

October 22, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 7

In Nehemiah chapter 7, we see the exiles from Jerusalem returning home. It is a joyous time that is prophesied in Jeremiah 29, and it urges us to look forward to our going home that is written about in the book of Revelation.

Stay The Course

October 15, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 6:1–16

When we face spiritual opposition, what do we do? Nehemiah faced opposition, but he was able to "stay the course" and keep his focus on the mission. Let this message encourage you in keeping your eyes on the Lord, even when the enemy tries to distract you from what God is doing through you.

Rebuilding Generosity

October 8, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 5

As Nehemiah was working to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, he was also working to refocus the Israelites on what is good and right. They had begun to live with a self-focused mentality that did not place God and others first - something that is still so prevalent today. What can we learn from this story to apply to our lives today?

Facing Opposition

September 24, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 4

What do we do when we face opposition? In particular, what do we do when we face spiritual opposition? Nehemiah offers some profound wisdom on this topic, as he faced significant opposition in his mission of rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem.

Building Together

September 17, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 3

After arriving and assessing the damage, Nehemiah begins the process of rebuilding the wall. This is not a solo task, however, as many other people come together and use their gifts to achieve the goal. What does this say about God's mission? How does this affect as a church body? Take a listen.

Casting The Vision

September 10, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 2:9–20

After receiving the blessing of King Artaxerxes, Nehemiah goes to Jerusalem to assess the damage and figure out a plan. All the while, he is facing opposition from officials in the area. Rather than rely on his own vision and strength to accomplish the task, Nehemiah looked to the Lord for these things. What can we learn from this to apply to our lives today? Listen to this relevant word from Pastor Jay.

The Gracious Hand of God

September 3, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 2:1–8

This week, we continue our series through Nehemiah by looking at the second chapter, where Nehemiah makes his proposal to King Artaxerxes to allow him to go back to his Jewish people and help them rebuild.

Where Restoration Begins

August 27, 2023 • Jay Hardwick • Nehemiah 1

As we begin our series through the book of Nehemiah, we take a look at the first chapter, where Nehemiah sees the broken condition of his people and is burdened to take action. What can we learn from this story that is applicable to our lives today?