Grace Alone

August 28, 2022 • Jay Hardwick • Acts 15:1–35

How do we respond to the grace Christ has shown us? What does the recognition of this grace urge us to do? Listen to Pastor Jay as he responds to these questions in this continuation in our study of the book of Acts. Then, ask yourself: Am I making it difficult for myself or others to turn to Jesus?

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To Be Continued...

November 20, 2022 • Jay Hardwick • Acts 28:17–31

In this final message of our extended series through the book of Acts, Pastor Jay summarizes what we can take away from the example Paul set as he witnessed to the lost in his final years, and encourages the church on in that same mission.

Thank God and Take Courage!

November 13, 2022 • Jay Hardwick • Acts 28:1–16, Acts 27

In this message, Pastor Jay preaches about Paul's journey to Rome, in which the ship he is a prisoner on experiences a terrible storm that shipwrecks them on Malta. These circumstances were unexpected and scary for Paul and those on board, but God gave Paul what he needed in the moment, and even used it as an opportunity to witness to those on board and the people living in Malta. What does this mean for us today?

We're Not Out Of Our Minds!

November 6, 2022 • Jay Hardwick • Acts 26

We can learn a lot from the way Paul shares his testimony before King Agrippa in Acts chapter 26. Even in front of an audience that claims he is "out of his mind," his passion and the strength of his faith and conviction are evident. Sometimes we can find ourselves in a situation where the world thinks we are out of our minds to believe and share the gospel, but in reality we are out of our minds if we don't!