Structure Fire with People Trapped

FCFInternational • March 3, 2021

Learn the three keys to success to have a successful mission when people are trapped. See what this has to do with James 1:19-20.

Spanner Wrenches

FCFInternational • March 1, 2021 • Craig Duck

Every firefighter should carry a spanner wrench in their fire coat. But what does that have to do with the Bible. Check out what Craig Duck, President/Missionary of FCFInternational has come up with on this topic.


FCFInternational • April 2, 2020 • Craig Duck

Have you ever looked at the different patterns a nozzle can create? What do you pattern your life after? Check out what the Bible says about how Christian firefighters and first responders should act in today's fire service.


FCFInternational • March 24, 2020 • Craig Duck

II Timothy 4:2 - We are encouraged to be prepared to preach the Word. We may have to adapt our methods, but the Word of God never changes and it is still relevant to Christian firefighters today as when it was written.


FCFInternational • February 27, 2020 • Craig Duck

It is mission critical that firefighters and first responders know how to raise ladders and keep them well maintained and ready for immediate use. But what does this have to do with the Bible? Check out this latest Tailboard talk group discussion and see.

Webbing and the Bible

FCFInternational • November 23, 2018 • Craig Duck

Webbing has a lot of practical uses on the fireground. See how webbing and the Bible can help you grow in your faith.

Judge Not

FCFInternational • November 7, 2018 • Craig Duck

First responders are quick today to judge people. Check out social media to see if that statement is accurate. But what does the Bible say about this subject? This video is part of the Commands of Christ Bible series designed for one on one discipleship or small group discussions.

Bad Accident

Tailboard Talk Group • August 16, 2018 • Craig Duck

Have you ever gone to a bad accident? See what the Bible has to say about this subject. Let's learn from the Bible and grow in our faith.

Controlling the Door

FCFInternational • July 20, 2018 • Craig Duck

What controls you? Learn what the Bible has to say about controlling what you say and do around the firehouse.


Using Your Gift in the Fire Service • February 8, 2018 • Craig Duck

Learn what hoseloads and the Bible have in common. This study looks at utilizing your God given gifts to minister to others and glorify God in the fire service.

Follow Me - Matthew 4:19

Command of Christ • June 12, 2017 • Craig Duck

We continue in our series on the Commands of Christ. See how the command to Follow Me relates to today's fire service.

Proverbs Chapter 7 Video

FCFInternational • September 6, 2017 • FCFI Members

Check out what the Bible has to say in Proverbs chapter 7. See for yourself if their is any wisdom for today's firefighters and first responders. Learn how you can glorify God in the fire service you love.

Africa Fire Mission

Serving Firefighters in Africa • June 28, 2017 • Craig Duck and Dave Moore

Check out what our friends at Africa Fire Mission have been up to. See how firefighters are serving others around the world.

Repent - A Command of Christ Video

Fireground Briefing • May 24, 2017 • Craig Duck

What are the commands of Christ? Why is it important for firefighters and first responders to obey the truths of the Bible? This fireground briefing looks into Matthew 4:17 and how that relates to the fire service today.

Proverbs Chapter 6 Video

FCFInternational • June 12, 2017 • Group Study

This group study is designed to help firefighters and first responders grow in their faith. This episode looks into Proverbs chapter 6 and sees how this timeless challenge relates to today's fire service.

Proverbs Chapter 5 Video

FCFInternational • June 28, 2017 • Craig Duck

We continue our series on the book of Proverbs. See what Godly wisdom and the fire service have in common. Firefighters and first responders can learn how to glorify God in the fire service by growing in their faith.

Highway Visibility Video

FCFInternational • March 21, 2017 • Craig Duck

America's highways are becoming more and more dangerous. Christian firefighters and first responders must be visible in order to prevent injuries. See what the Bible has to say about this subject and how Christian firefighters and first responders can grow in their faith.


FCFInternational • April 17, 2017 • Craig Duck

Firefighters, do you know what technology in the fire service and the Bible have in common? Check out this short video and see.


I Chronicles 29:17 • February 15, 2017 • Craig Duck

Craig Duck, President and Missionary for FCFInternational looks at integrity in the fire service and how it relates to Christian firefighters and first responders. See what the Bible has to say regarding this relevant topic for today's fire service leaders.

Finishing Well Video

FCFInternational • March 13, 2017 • Craig Duck

Many of us in the fire service want to finish well. We will go to great lengths to get the approval of everyone around us. Do we ever think about pleasing God and finishing life well? See what truths the Bible has to teach firefighters and first responders about finishing well.

Proverbs Chapter 4 Video

FCFInternational • May 10, 2017 • Craig Duck and Keith Helms

FCFInternational continues with our study in the book of Proverbs. Join in on the discussion as we dive into chapter 4. See what God has to say to today's Christian firefighter and how we can grow in our faith by following after wisdom.