Engage 2017

Engage: Kingfolk

Byron Cogdell - East Memphis Outpost • May 28, 2017 • Byron Cogdell

Engage: Residency & Discipleship (Germantown)

John Bryson - Germantown Outpost • May 21, 2017 • John Bryson

Engage: Residency & Discipleship

Jason Cook - East Memphis Outpost • May 21, 2017 • Jason Cook

Associate Pastor Jason Cook encourages believers to be: 1. Grace-filled hearers 2. Who hand over what the have heard 3. And become grace-filled teachers.

Engage: Local Missions & Campus Outreach

John Bryson - East Memphis Outpost • May 14, 2017 • John Bryson

Lead Pastor John Bryson talks with Denny Catalano from Campus Outreach on how the Engage fund works to support local missions. JB casts a vision for being a local missionary, essentially being the chaplain of your neighborhood.

Engage: Global Missions- 3 Main Missions Ingredients

Jason Cook - East Memphis Outpost • April 30, 2017 • Jason Cook

Pastor Jason Cook explains why we engage in global missions. Because God is a global god, because they are our brothers and sisters, and to bring glory to God.

Engage: Compassion & Why We Engage

Ricky Jenkins - East Memphis Outpost • April 23, 2017 • Ricky Jenkins

Teaching Pastor Ricky Jenkins opens up the Engage series by explaining the Why, How, and Where of compassion.