Miracles of Jesus

Miracles of Jesus - Water To Wine

July 5, 2019 • Jim Burgess

Have you ever seen a miracle? If you’d been a follower of Jesus in the first century, you certainly would have. Jesus did many miracles… and still does today. Through our "Miracles of Jesus" series, we'll explore the miracles of Jesus. Do you need your hope renewed? Do you need your faith increased? Do you need your spirit inspired? Then this series is for you!

Miracles of Jesus - The Official's Son

July 12, 2019 • Bill Koogler

Are you or someone you love in need of hope or encouragement? If you’ve ever had a family member or friend suffer, you may have pleaded with God to heal brokenness, pain, sickness, or heartache. This week in our “Miracles of Jesus” series, we’ll see how Jesus’ compassionate, miraculous response to a father’s desperate request fills us with hope, stirs our hearts, and renews our faith.

Miracles of Jesus - Gadarene Demoniac

July 19, 2019 • Jim Burgess

Do you need to clear a room? Try suggesting a discussion on Satan and demons… people will clear out in a hurry. Is such discomfort justified? Do demons exist? Is Satan a real being? Jesus had frequent encounters with evil spirits, but none more dramatic and intense than with a man in a remote area who called himself “Legion.”

Miracles of Jesus - Feeding the 5,000

July 26, 2019 • Warwick de Jersey

Are you someone who finds yourself hungering for more, longing for a taste of heaven? This week in our “Miracles of Jesus” series, Jesus is going to feed us. We’ll catch a glimpse of His heart and discover that His act of feeding 5,000 people says much more about Him than His ability to conjure up a meal from 5 loaves and 2 fish.

Miracles of Jesus - Issue of Blood

August 2, 2019 • Barak Mondia

What would it take for you to reach out? This week in our “Miracles of Jesus” series, we encounter a woman with an issue of blood who had tried every remedy. In desperation, she reaches out for Jesus… and she receives far more than the miracle she was reaching for.

Miracles of Jesus - Raising Lazarus

August 9, 2019 • Jim Burgess

What was Jesus’ greatest miracle? Some would say His casting out demons. Others would say His feeding the multitudes… twice. But most would say it was the three times that Jesus raised people from the dead. (That’s right - dead people brought back to life.) Of the three, the greatest one was the last. Happening late in Jesus’ ministry, it was done on the outskirts of Jerusalem in front of a huge crowd, days after the man had died. For Jesus, it was effectively a death sentence, since the religious leaders – who wanted him dead – determined they couldn’t wait any longer. There is no miracle more interesting or more exciting than Jesus raising a man named Lazarus. You don’t want to miss this one.

Miracles of Jesus - Calming the Storm

August 16, 2019 • Tim Maxson

When is the last time you had your breath taken away, or felt completely in awe of something? We will see the disciples experience just that… awe! We will hear a miracle story that is guaranteed to awe us, and we’ll see - most importantly - that Jesus is not a mere man, but God who can be trusted in any storm we may face.

Miracles of Jesus - Man Born Blind

August 23, 2019 • John Sugars

It’s clear in the Bible that Jesus wants all the problems of the world to be made right. Jesus is full of compassion, especially when He comes across people in need. In the final week of our “Miracles of Jesus” series, we’ll see that while Jesus can and does fix people’s physical problems, He wants to do so much more than that! Jesus wants the wellbeing of our whole being, restored to the way we were originally created to be - in relationship with God. Come and meet this amazing Jesus!