Ultimate Survival

Ultimate Survival - Week 1

The Ultimate Problem • October 12, 2018

Life in Dubai can be frightening. While it’s true that Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world (for which we are all thankful), there are many other dangers lurking out there - financial ruin, relationships breaking up, a marriage ending (or being miserable), a business collapse - and the big three - illness, loneliness, and depression. All of these monsters stalk our expat lives. Yet, they are far from our greatest danger. That’s something far worse. It’s a catastrophe so enormous that most of us push it out of our minds. We don’t like to talk about it. Some of us are quick to change the subject when it comes up. This problem is more perilous than running out of money. This threat is more terrifying than losing someone we love. It’s a devastation so dark and dangerous that if left ignored, it will leave us completely decimated. It is our Ultimate Problem.

Ultimate Survival - Week 2

Being Good • October 19, 2018

Have you ever been stuck somewhere? In most situations, there is something we can do to get out. If you are stuck while working on a project, taking a short break can help the inspiration flow again. If you get stuck in traffic, you can try a different route. If your car gets stuck in the desert, you can maneuver your way out of the sand or have a friend pull you out. When there is something we can do to unstick ourselves, we feel pretty good. There’s a great sense of accomplishment we feel when we can overcome a problem in our lives. We will probably even start telling others what they need to do should they find themselves in a similar circumstance (even if they don’t want to hear it). What about when there is nothing we can do to fix the problems in our lives? How do we survive then? As we discover the true nature of our Ultimate Problem, everything might seem hopeless. You might feel like you are stuck with no way out, and nothing you can do. If that sounds like you, join us this week as we learn more about the Ultimate Solution to our survival.

Ultimate Survival - Week 3

Ultimate Judgement • October 26, 2018

This is to inform you that your presence is required to attend a spiritual trial. You are accused of being a sinner who has broken God’s Laws. You need to come and hear the evidence which has been brought against you. You will not be required to testify (as the whole human race has been charged), but it is vital you learn the outcome of this trial. Are you truly guilty? If so, what will be your punishment? Do you have any defense which might make a difference? If not, is there anyone who can speak on your behalf? What will God’s judgement be? It is important you do not miss this. Failure to comply will have eternal consequences. Please watch this! Your co-defendant, Pastor Jim

Ultimate Survival - Week 4

Being Religious • November 2, 2018

Would you survive if you were stranded in the wilderness? Getting lost is more serious than just living in the urban jungle without Google Maps, being truly off-course in the middle of nowhere can be a huge problem. Getting lost in the wilderness is the setting of many survival stories: heroes and heroines battle the elements, wild animals, and the odds while clinging on to hope for survival. These stories take place on high mountaintops, in a vast desert, deep in the jungle, and even at sea. As interesting as these true stories are, the survival story God has written for us is the greatest true story ever. Wild animals, quicksand, and even the blazing sun are not as serious as our biggest problem: sin. What do you do when you are face to face with our deepest problem? We continue our series this week exploring what the Bible tells us about God’s plan for our ultimate survival. If you feel like you are trudging through the wastelands of life, join us.

Ultimate Survival - Week 5

The Ultimate Joy • November 16, 2018

Quick...What’s something you can’t live without, but can’t buy, can’t borrow, and can’t make yourself? Remarkably, it’s something you can't lose once you have it. It's something everyone - Jesus follower or not - longs for every day. It’s something deep within us. Give up? The answer is... You’re going to have to wait to find out. This week marks the end of our Ultimate Survival series. And we’ve saved the best part till last. We’ve seen we have an Ultimate Problem (sin), an Ultimate Failure (self-effort and religion), and an Ultimate Savior (Jesus), who allows us to escape an Ultimate Judgement (before God). In this final session, we’ll see how we have an Ultimate ____. Thought I was going to give it away, eh? This promises to be one of the most uplifting weeks ever at Fellowship.