Where We've Been, Where We're Going

Horizons - Week One

September 13, 2019 • Bill Koogler

Whether you’ve just arrived or you’ve been here a while, we all came to Dubai expectantly scanning the new horizon of life in this great city. But like a mountain climber who tops a peak and sees a bigger mountain on the other side, many times what we see isn't the final destination. We’ll see how Fellowship is part of a larger story of God’s people crossing horizons only to discover that their journey is not yet complete. As God’s powerful and majestic kingdom story continues to unfold, we will see how life on the final horizon with God inspires us today and fills our lives with hope for the future.

Horizons - Week Two

September 20, 2019 • Warwick de Jersey

I wonder if there’ve been times in your life when the dark shadows of the valley seem to overwhelm you. You’re there because like many of us, you’ve messed up. You know it. The consequences of your actions are staring you squarely in the face. You’re stuck and you can’t see any way out. At times like that, we feel very powerless and alone. This week in our Horizons series we’re going to see God gently come alongside us, place His hand under our chins and lift our eyes to the horizon and show us what He’s going to do to get us out of that valley. His promises will lift our eyes to see more than mere hope - we’ll see promises fulfilled, guaranteeing our future.

Horizons - Week Three

October 4, 2019 • Bill Koogler

A refreshed perspective helps us see the horizon clearly. Who doesn’t enjoy looking through eyeglasses that have just been washed, gazing through a freshly cleaned window, or seeing the Dubai skyline after it rains? With a renewed vision, we get to see a beautiful horizon. Watch this message as we find a refreshed perspective and see the horizon God has created through Jesus. Fellowship is a community where God lifts our heads to see Jesus on the horizon where hurt transforms into hope, agony into joy, and desperation turns into anticipation.

Horizons - Week Four

October 11, 2019 • Barak Al'Mondia

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to always be welcomed by everyone everywhere you went? It’s not our normal experience… is it? Our visas tell us how long we can stay and they remind us that we don’t belong. Our passports tell us where we’re welcome and where we’re not. All too often, our skin colour or job status are the starting point for others’ welcome of us… both good and bad. In this message, we’re going to see that when we say, “Everyone is welcome and everyone has a place at Fellowship!” it’s not a slogan – it’s who we are because we understand the Horizon that our God is taking us to. Connect with us: Website: www.fellowshipdubai.com

Horizons - Week Five

October 18, 2019 • Jim Burgess

We’ve come to the end of our Bible flyover that we’ve called “Horizons” – a look at the great spiritual horizons of God’s ongoing revelation. This week we’ve arrived at the most wonderful Horizon: Jesus’ Second Coming and Heaven. It’s the final horizon. It’s the terminal destination. Jesus and the rest of Scripture make clear this world will not continue forever. It will end. Jesus IS coming. What do we know about it? How can we know we’ll be ready? How does the story of the Bible end? Watch this message to find out!