Together: Week One

May 1, 2020 • Warwick de Jersey

In a world of social distancing, one of the things that we are all craving right now is a time when we can be together again. Together with friends, together with family, together with those we love. With that in mind, we're starting a new series called, Together. It’s based on John’s first letter to his friends from whom he was separated. It’s a letter in which John presents us with an intoxicating offer – an offer of intimacy with God, a togetherness with Him and not just with Him but with all those who share that intimacy with Him. It’s an offer of an intimacy with God that produces a togetherness with others that transforms this life and transforms our relationships in this life by giving them a depth, a togetherness, that nothing else can match.

Together: Week Two

May 8, 2020 • Barak Mondia

This week as we continue with our series, Together, from 1 John. We will see how fellowship with God is not only possible but made possible because God desires us to have fellowship with Him. Join us as we look at what hinders our fellowship with God and see how John explains to us what God has done to make it possible for us to have fellowship with Him.

Together: Week Three

May 15, 2020 • Bill Koogler

During this season of social distancing, we are learning new things all the time. One of the biggest realities many of us are reminded of is that life is better together! We don't like being alone, we need one another. As great as being together can be, we also admit that life with others can be challenging. As we continue in our series, Together, we explore the one special "ingredient" that makes life with God and others possible.

Together: Week Four

May 29, 2020 • Warwick de Jersey

COVID 19 is an insidious threat. We can’t see it. We can’t taste it. We can’t hear it, but we feel its impact every day. In this message, we are going to discover a threat that is far more insidious than COVID 19 ever will be, an insidious threat that menaces us, seeking to take away the things that we ought to hold most dear – Our fellowship with God our Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Together: Week Five

June 5, 2020 • Bill Koogler

As we practice social distancing, do you ever feel lonely? Perhaps your extended family is back in your home country. Maybe you miss high fives and hugs. Do you have any friends as close as family that may be moving away soon? As we continue our "Together" series, we will see how God brings us together as His family in a way that truly changes our lives!

Together: Week Six

June 12, 2020 • Tim Maxson

Each of us has a story to tell. Every story is uniquely shaped by the people and circumstances we have experienced or encountered. Our story proves something. Our story produces something. Do you have a story to tell? As we continue with our “Together” series, we will see how God uses our stories to prove and produce something in us and through us.

Together: Week Seven

June 19, 2020 • Jim Burgess

Too often, Christians fall prey to false teachers because they do not “test the spirits” to see if what’s being taught is safe to consume. In 1st John 4, an elderly, wise, fatherly John urges us as spiritual children to be careful what we eat. What test does John suggest? How is it applied in our daily lives? What other tests does the New Testament contain? Watch this message as we continue in our "Together" series.

Together: Week Eight

June 26, 2020 • Warwick de Jersey

Do you have Eternal Life? Is your relationship with God real to the point you can say with certainty that it will go with you beyond the grave? Some of us will think we do. Some of us aren’t so sure. Some of us will say you just can’t know that. As we bring our "Together" series to a close, we will discover the secret of certainty when it comes to eternal life with God.