Take My Junk

Take My Junk - Week 1

Sin • January 11, 2019

A fresh year brings with it a chance to take stock of what is in our lives. But when we examine our lives, we notice that we may have some unwanted “junk.” We’re not talking about ugly furniture, old clothes, or rusted bicycles… by ”junk,” we mean deeper issues that burden us. No matter if you make resolutions in the New Year or think they are silly, we all know there are things in our lives that are less than ideal. Areas of life that could use changing. Attitudes we want to shift. Behavior that we wish to alter. Habits that we hope to control, but instead end up controlling us. Life doesn’t have to be filled with junk - 2019 with God can mean refreshing, invigorating, and junk-free living!

Take My Junk - Week 2

Greed • January 18, 2019

I hate moving, don’t you? Alanda and I moved last summer. It was terrible. It was time-consuming. It was torturous. And yet, it was also terrific because we had the opportunity to “declutter” our lives. As we “dejunked” our living space, we wondered: how is it possible we can gather so much unneeded and useless stuff in such a short time? We’d only lived in our previous place for four years, but we had boxes of unneeded things – things we ended up either giving away (as in, now my junk is your problem to deal with) or simply throwing away. Did you know our lives and our souls can be places where junk collects as well? Many of us are weighed down with bad habits, bad attitudes, bad memories, and bad behaviour we need to get rid of. We need to “dejunk” our lives. Jesus can help. He is the master life coach and with His help, we can discover a 2019 free from the “junk” we don’t need in our lives.

Take My Junk - Week 3

Lust • January 25, 2019

None of us ever sets out to collect junk. Even those who collect junk purposefully value what they’ve accumulated. Yet, over and over again, we find our lives cluttered with it. In the beginning, we value everything we have. But all too often, the things we thought we couldn’t live without today become tomorrow’s junk over time. How does something that was once so good become so worthless? This week in our “Take My Junk” series, we’re going to be asking that question about our relationships – especially our sexual relationships. We’re going to be asking, "How does a relationship that can seem so indispensable today become not just junk, but toxic, tomorrow?” "Take my junk!" is a plea. It is a desperate request from us to God, asking him to put right what is so out of order in our lives. Discover how God can take the sexual junk out of our lives and restore us to the perfection of his purity in Jesus.

Take My Junk - Week 4

Anger • February 1, 2019

In our “Take My Junk” series, we explore things in our lives that we don’t want anymore. We’re not talking about furniture and old clothes, but the inner issues we wrestle with. This week we will explore junk that many people struggle with. Toxic waste that some people ignore. Garbage that is so dangerous it has ruined lives. Rubbish so powerful it quickly destroys relationships and trust, sometimes with serious damage. This week, we examine anger. Whether you occasionally feel frustrated or often battle the rage-monster within, you’ll want to hear what God has to say. You may even be surprised. Anger is a powerful emotion that many times leads us to some pretty junky actions and attitudes.

Take My Junk - Week 5

Words • February 8, 2019

You may have heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” That saying gives us the impression that words do not have an impact on us. The problem, however, is we know how words have had such an impact on us. You may remember words spoken to you that broke you even worse than sticks and stones would have. Or you may remember a time when you were going through a hard time and someone used words that encouraged you and gave you the strength to carry you through the season. Words can build up and tear down: how we use our words will either nourish or destroy our relationships and our lives. This week in “Take My Junk,” we will examine our speech and particularly how we choose to use our words… how we handle our speech is a great indicator of our hearts before God. Our words give us away. We ask God to help us with our speech. Everyone at some point has been impacted either positively or negatively by words, so this message is for everyone.

Take My Junk - Week 6

Pride • February 15, 2019

We tend not to notice our own junk, but we notice others’ trash easily. Our colleague’s workspace may seem untidy, but our papers that have been stacked for weeks just blend into the background of life. The clutter on our bookshelves doesn’t look so bad after a while. Someone else’s car can seem really dirty, but we don’t notice the candy wrappers, parking receipts, or papers stuck in between our own seats. Seeing others’ “junk” is easy, but what do we see when we look in the mirror? Even if we see things we don’t like, do we think of our own “junk” as something that's dangerous to us? We conclude our “Take My Junk” series by examining personal “junk” that is very hazardous if ignored. It is like an aggressive mold that spreads throughout our whole lives infecting every area if left unchecked. We will be talking about pride. Individual people and entire nations have fallen because of being puffed up. Arrogance is a junky attitude that points to a deep-rooted problem.