The Light of Christmas

The Light of Christmas - Week One

December 13, 2019 • Bill Koogler

The Christmas season is here! Are you excited? Christmas is a bright season filled with decorations, time with family, and joyous moments with friends. Although the lights around us in Dubai are bright, Christmas can also seem like a dim season for some – searching for connection, peace, and love. Whether you are merry and bright or you’re looking for a light in the darkness, join us for our new series, “The Light of Christmas.” This is one of the best seasons to invite a friend as we discover the true light of Christmas: Jesus!

The Light of Christmas - Week Two

December 20, 2019 • Barak Mondia

Christmastime around the world is a time of connecting with family and friends. The Dubai airport is busiest this time of year with people flying out to visit family. For those of us still in Dubai during December, we can feel the gloom of loneliness lurking around every corner of life. But instead of filling our calendars with traditions and activities (which can lead us to miss Jesus), we take time this week to see in God’s Word that all who believe in Jesus are welcomed into God’s family. God’s family is a complete family, with a perfect Father. God’s family is one saturated in love and grace, where you will never have to say goodbye.

The Light of Christmas - Week Three

December 27, 2019 • Warwick de Jersey

Some of us know that God doesn’t exist. Many are simply not sure. Others know that there are many gods. A few claim that there is only one. Here’s the thing: If there is a god, which one is he or she? And whose version of god is the right version? And how can I know? As we continue in “The Light of Christmas” series, we’re turning the spotlight on the question of how we can know God for certain. Watch this message as we discover that God is knowable and wants us to be certain about who He is.