Anxious? - Week One

October 25, 2019 • Bill Koogler

Do you ever face worry? Big questions? A hazy view of things to come? We can find ourselves anxious about the future, the consequences of the past, or even our present situation… but we don’t have to remain wrapped up in feeling anxious. The truth of Jesus transcends time and unravels our anxious minds, soothes our worried hearts, and helps stabilise us when we feel shaky. Over the next four weeks, we will address four “What if?!” questions and remind ourselves of what is true about God. We will unpack four realities of having Jesus at the centre of our lives, truths that pave the pathway to peaceful security in God’s rock-solid truth. Watch this message as we begin our new series, “Anxious?”

Anxious? - Week Two

November 1, 2019 • Warwick de Jersey

I am a terrible passenger. I much prefer to be in the driver's seat and to be in control. This isn’t just when driving, but in all of life. Being out of control, having others make decisions for me, and having no say in an outcome leaves me feeling powerless. The less power and say that I have, the more I worry and the higher my anxiety levels rise. The sobering truth that we all need to face is that we aren’t really in control at all – just ask the parent of any rebellious teenager, or remember your own past. Watch this message as we continue our “Anxious?” series. Let’s discover together that it is possible to be completely out of control and perfectly at peace at the same time. That’s the brilliance of Jesus.

Anxious? - Week Three

November 8, 2019 • Jim Burgess

In this message, we have a short talk followed by an expert panel moderated by Pastor Jim. Our experts are Dr. Melanie Childress, Dr. David Hammer, and our own licensed church counselor, Amy Kellogg. They answer questions and offer practical help from both the Bible and their experience. If you suffer from worry, fear, or anxiety, or might know anyone who does, this is an important message to watch.

Anxious? - Week Four

November 15, 2019 • Warwick de Jersey

Many of us are just a little anxious about the future. We’re not sure what’s in store. We don’t know what’s around the corner. One way to deal with our anxiety about the future is to know for certain what is coming. People say that none of us can know what the future holds… but that is simply not true. God has told us many of specific details about our immediate futures, what to expect in this life from Him and from others, as well as our eternal futures. He doesn’t want us to be anxious in this life and has a plan for us. Watch the final installment of our Anxious? series as we explore our certain futures and learn to live free from anxiety.