Life In The Fast Lane - March 2019

Life In The Fast Lane - Week One

February 22, 2019

We live at a fast pace in Dubai. It seems like we’re all in a big hurry. If we’re not careful, we can spend so much time in the fast lane we’ll miss discovering what life is all about. Slowing down and pulling over to assess the trip can be helpful. Mike Vance, one of Walt Disney’s original creative crew use to say, “Slowing down can sometimes be the fastest way to speed up.” We’re going to take time for a short (but vital) two-week miniseries called, “Life in the Fast Lane.” We’re going to remember some of the amazing things God did at Fellowship in 2018. What challenges did we see Him overcome? How did we see God answer our prayers? What did He do that we should never forget? Looking back builds our faith in God and encourages us for the future.

Life In The Fast Lane - Week Two

March 1, 2019

Most of us arrived in Dubai with plans – plans to get a job, make some money, change our lives or escape from our pasts. We arrived with hope and excitement... mixed with a little uncertainty. As we live in this fast-paced city, we soon discover that knowing what the future holds for us is key to making plans that will actually come to pass. Knowing the future is the difference between dreams and reality. Last week, we looked back at where God has taken us over the past decade. This week, we’ll look forward. We’ll look into the future that God has clearly mapped out for us – a future that will shape our plans for 2019 and beyond. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your plans as we look at the future that God has charted for us. And as God speaks to us from His Word, we’ll all have a personal opportunity to reshape our plans in the light of all that he has promised will come to pass.