Episode 160 | The Church & Higher Ed, Part 1: Tension Points

Season 3, Episode 24

February 28, 2024 • Autumn Gardner, Dave Morlan

Historically, the University owes its existence to the Church, as the Medieval Church played a central, if not exclusive, role in establishing the earliest universities. In the 18th century, the School began to separate itself from its Christian roots and ceded increasing control to the State. Even so, the School and the Church shared some common purpose: to shape individuals into participants in society whose vision for the good life included care for neighbors, civic action, and understanding of the world. In the present American system of higher education, which includes both secular and religious institutions, that shared purpose has waned. Trust in the University is low, and higher education as a whole is struggling to find its footing in the world of rapid technological development.

In part one of this five-part series, Dave and Autumn discuss the tensions within Christian Higher Ed. They consider the unique opportunity for churches to respond thoughtfully to the state of the University and shifting cultural tides by deeply rooting the family of God in biblical truth.

Episode 166 | Politics, Part 2: The Purpose Of Government

April 10, 2024 • Autumn Gardner, Hunter Beaumont

Resources mentioned in this episode: 1. VFL Politics class audio (https://subsplash.com/fellowshipdenver/lb/mi/+9pdsb7f, https://subsplash.com/fellowshipdenver/lb/mi/+nvkknc2, https://subsplash.com/fellowshipdenver/lb/mi/+bb293ty, https://subsplash.com/fellowshipdenver/lb/mi/+hpxt6t5) 2. https://www.amazon.com/how-nations-rage-rethinking-politics/dp/1400218446/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1yavx9hh4sr7l&dib=eyj2ijoimsj9.il2ip5ud7drhrrlxzhhntinzy7rfd4kiybaru15np4i.mkeiganbk_0pe6m2wsoveccwyzimydgvg6yjowklk_a&dib_tag=se&keywords=how+the+nations+rage+by+jonathan+leeman&qid=1710438340&sprefix=how+the+nations+rage%2caps%2c115&sr=8-1 by Jonathan Leeman 3. https://youtu.be/ejln9jdqfsc by Johnny Cash

Episode 165 | Politics, Part 1: The Purpose Of Politics

April 3, 2024 • Autumn Gardner, Hunter Beaumont

When we talk about “politics,” we usually mean elections and debates about public issues involving our government and “politicians.” But we can’t think well about governmental politics unless we understand “politics” in a bigger way, as an aspect of our inter-relational existence created by God. Hunter and Autumn discuss two paradigms to get at this bigger meaning of politics. The first paradigm utilizes the biblical movements of creation, fall, and redemption to elucidate the intention, complication, and redeemed modality of politics. The second paradigm relies on the biblical terms shalom, justice, and righteousness to inquire how a redeemed body politick, the Church, can pursue wholeness as the purpose of “politics.”

Episode 164.5 | The Church & Higher Ed: Epilogue

March 27, 2024 • Autumn Gardner, Dave Morlan