Episode 159 | Q&R: New Birth

Season 3, Episode 23

February 21, 2024 • Autumn Gardner, Hunter Beaumont

Does Scripture teach or emphasize a “moment” of salvation? What is a biblical understanding of “conversion?” Hunter and Autumn respond to a listener's question about justification with an examination of Jesus’ teaching on new birth from John 3:1-15.

Episode 166 | Politics, Part 2: The Purpose Of Government

April 10, 2024 • Autumn Gardner, Hunter Beaumont

Resources mentioned in this episode: 1. VFL Politics class audio (https://subsplash.com/fellowshipdenver/lb/mi/+9pdsb7f, https://subsplash.com/fellowshipdenver/lb/mi/+nvkknc2, https://subsplash.com/fellowshipdenver/lb/mi/+bb293ty, https://subsplash.com/fellowshipdenver/lb/mi/+hpxt6t5) 2. https://www.amazon.com/how-nations-rage-rethinking-politics/dp/1400218446/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1yavx9hh4sr7l&dib=eyj2ijoimsj9.il2ip5ud7drhrrlxzhhntinzy7rfd4kiybaru15np4i.mkeiganbk_0pe6m2wsoveccwyzimydgvg6yjowklk_a&dib_tag=se&keywords=how+the+nations+rage+by+jonathan+leeman&qid=1710438340&sprefix=how+the+nations+rage%2caps%2c115&sr=8-1 by Jonathan Leeman 3. https://youtu.be/ejln9jdqfsc by Johnny Cash

Episode 165 | Politics, Part 1: The Purpose Of Politics

April 3, 2024 • Autumn Gardner, Hunter Beaumont

When we talk about “politics,” we usually mean elections and debates about public issues involving our government and “politicians.” But we can’t think well about governmental politics unless we understand “politics” in a bigger way, as an aspect of our inter-relational existence created by God. Hunter and Autumn discuss two paradigms to get at this bigger meaning of politics. The first paradigm utilizes the biblical movements of creation, fall, and redemption to elucidate the intention, complication, and redeemed modality of politics. The second paradigm relies on the biblical terms shalom, justice, and righteousness to inquire how a redeemed body politick, the Church, can pursue wholeness as the purpose of “politics.”

Episode 164.5 | The Church & Higher Ed: Epilogue

March 27, 2024 • Autumn Gardner, Dave Morlan