Put On A New Nametag


Genesis 1:27-27, 2:7 • January 1, 2017 • Richard Kerry

Good morning and Happy New Year! My name is Richard Kerry and back in November I transitioned into a role where I serve as the Marriage and Parenting Pastor. It’s funny two years ago – my first time to preach from this stage I told you I once called my wife a spoiled brat and she called me a penny pinching miser. So clearly I know everything about marriage and parenting and deserve to be in this role! Seriously though – I am so excited about my new responsibilities – promoting Christ centered families throughout our church. I am privileged to be here with you this morning. Preaching on January 1st means my New Year’s Eve was really lame – I was in bed by 10. So I am just going to trust that your New Year’s was a little more exciting than mine but clearly it wasn’t so exciting that you couldn’t be here!