Deadly Virtues

A study on the seven deadly vices and corresponding virtues

Set The Table

Randy Thompson • September 4, 2016

About five years ago, or so, a new phenomenon creeped into social media. It began with Facebook, spilled over into Instagram, and now is a part of every social networking experience – no matter what app you use. You can’t go online and look at the lives of the people you follow – your friends or your family or even complete strangers – without seeing a picture of . . . someone’s food. Pictures of food are everywhere. Breakfast? Facebook. Lunch? Insta. Dinner? Twitter. Cookout? Snapchat. But the worst offender? I mean – we all know it – the worst offender is brunch. Personally, I don’t go to brunch. I don’t really need to. I’ve seen so many pictures of someone else’s brunch, I feel like I can brunch vicariously through everyone else.

The Poisoning of the Will

Gary Brandenburg • August 28, 2016

"The best defense is a good offense." That is not only the Strategic Offensive Principle in warfare but it is also true when it comes to football...and sin. Rather than allowing the seven deadly sins kill us, the Bible says we can actually put sin to death. We can kill sin. "For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live." (Ro. 8:13). By depending on the Holy Spirit and practicing the virtues that are the antidotes to sin, we can experience abundant life. Today we come to the sixth of the seven deadly sins, sloth. Just in time for the kick-off of Couch Potato Season.

Pleasure's Empty Promise

Gary Brandenburg • August 21, 2016

On one of our trips to Israel I encountered a powerful temptation of biblical proportions. We were staying at the Dead Sea. Everyone decided to take a dip in that saline-saturated water so I took the elevator to my room on the 12th floor to change into my bathing suit. As I was returning to the elevator I looked down and, to my surprise, I could see a woman on the roof of a smaller hotel who was sunning herself - every inch of herself! When I spotted the naked woman from my perch above I did what any man after God's own heart would do - I stopped in my tracks to get a better look. I wasn't stopping to pray for her. In that moment an amazing thing happened. It was like the Holy Spirit poked me in the ribs because I suddenly thought, "Wait a minute. I know this story. When a man in this country spots a naked woman from a roof top, bad things happen." And with that, I smiled and quickly walked to the elevator.

Get Rich or Die Tryin

Randy Thompson • August 14, 2016

In 2003, an album dropped that launched the career of a new artist. The album shot to number one on the charts and would be the best selling album of the entire year. Not only was it the number one album of the year, it also contained the number one single of the year. And since its release 13 years ago, it has sold over 12 million copies.


Richard Kerry • August 7, 2016

Good morning everyone. My name is Richard Kerry and I serve in two roles here at Fellowship – High School Pastor and Counseling Pastor. It’s a privilege to be with you this morning as we continue our series covering the Deadly Virtues. Gary started the series two weeks ago by talking about Vainglory and then moved on to envy last week.

The Green-Eyed Monster

Gary Brandenburg • July 31, 2016

Envy, like vainglory, is a disordered desire. Somebody has received something, some gift or advantage or benefit, that you would like to have. That doesn't necessarily make you envious. The desire to succeed or to win or to be chosen is a good desire when it inspires you to imitate someone who is worth imitating. But that desire becomes twisted when it is tinged with resentment toward the person who has what you don't. That’s what makes it envy.

Image Is Everything

Gary Brandenburg • July 24, 2016

We face some serious problems as a nation. Seven serious problems to be exact, seven vices that plague our country and disturb the peace. Drugs, domestic abuse, homelessness, income inequality, immigration, racial division and political chaos? That's a pretty good list but those are merely seven symptoms of much deeper problems. The seven greatest threats to this nation are: vainglory, envy, anger, greed, lust, laziness and gluttony. These vices are the root of all the bitter fruit that is setting our teeth on edge these days. Tired of the political chaos in our country? It will not change until we address the issue of pride. If you are sick of all the violence, domestic violence, violence against police, violence against those detained by police, violence in our inner cities, then you will have to address the issue of anger. Want a stable, healthy economy? Well we can't have it, not until we are willing to confront greed. Until we are willing to go after the root of the problem, we will be forever condemned to applying band aids to malignant cancer.