Known & Loved

Surprised By Love

September 27, 2020 • RD McClenagan, Stacie Johnson and JC Neely

Learn & Listen: Acts 17 & The Parable of the Sower

September 20, 2020 • Rick Dunn, Stacie Johnson, RD McClenagan and JC Neely

After the sermon bumper, Rick and RD take some time for a video teaching before they are joined live by Stacie and JC for a conversational teaching. During the video teaching, Rick looks at Acts 17 and shows how Paul took the time to learn the culture around him so that he could point them back to Jesus. The human condition is to make our own gods, Rick says, so we have to fight against that and champion Jesus as the way, not champion ourselves. With RD’s portion, he talks about listening to the Holy Spirit through the parable of the sower. We have to listen as sheep dependent on the voice of the shepherd, RD explains. He goes on to share that Satan’s goal is to get in between us and God so we can’t hear God, but the Bible and prayer are how we turn down Satan talking to us. RD reminds us that we have to create margin in our lives to hear from God. During the conversational teaching, the group continue on these topics, and share how important it is to learn the experiences of the people around us, and how they react to their experiences. But, the group reminds us that this takes time and patience. We don’t have the ability to fix or save anyone, they emphasize, but we can listen and point back to Jesus.

Lead: A Powerful Practice for Disciple-making

September 13, 2020 • Rick Dunn, Stacie Johnson and JC Neely

To kick off the Vision Series, there is a video teaching from Rick, followed by Rick, Stacie, and JC having a conversation-style teaching. During these two teachings, Rick, Stacie, and JC talk about conversations, and how to speak into things with hope. Rick reminds us that we have to remember the bigger story; it's not about us, it's about God calling us to life, and then us sharing that hope that we've received to bring about His glory. JC emphasizes that the culture has no king, but they still want all the virtue of the Kingdom, so we have to watch the alliance of our own hearts in order to not let dread consume us, and in order to lead both ourselves and others to Jesus.