#SocialDistancing Drive-In Easter

it's Church @ the Mall, y'all

April 12, 2020 • Pastor Greg

Church Re-Imagined Huntington Mall Fellowship Baptist Church Sunday, April 12, 2020 TJ Anzivino shared great insight on an article she read about Assumption reversal. It was an article titled “Good That Can Come from an Upside Down World.” In her words, “Amid this virus, there are opportunities to reimagine the world and one’s place in it.” With that in mind here is an Assumption Reversal, church re-imagined amid the pandemic of 2020. Social Distancing is key in fighting this pandemic. Easter celebrations across the country have always been a social event. Many traditions are having to be reimagined or postponed for healthier times. Fellowship Baptist came to us with this idea to allow people to participate in the traditional Easter Celebrations in a different way. A social event has become a Social Distancing event, and we couldn’t be happier to have been even a small part of such an inspiring event. Some comments the Pastor shared with us from those who came: “From 10:30-12:00 I never thought about the coronavirus. Thank you for this day, you hard work and dedication to the church. You are the best!” “113 people checked into Easter service here at the mall in my young age I would have never thought I would see such a type of service that it would be aired over the radio and in a parking lot of a big mall plaza but u know this is only the start to changes that are being made to live a normal. Life amidst a big scary pandemic outbreak . Can’t share Hugs but we can love !” “Amazing Easter for the record books. Never forgotten. Grateful to share in it. Seeing your car parker’s w masks on on the way out after that service choked me up and the Spirit came over me and crushed me to be forging in faith in such a time. Hope slaps you upside the head out of nowhere sometimes.” “God, what an amazing morning! Thank you for making that happen!!” “Sitting in my truck over here at pier one with tears in my eyes.“ “They keep playing. We keep listening and honking!! This is what I love. I can’t ding or carry a tune but I love to listen and I love these old songs this is what I grew up listening to!!”