#28 - How to Lead During this Crisis

March 18, 2020 • Jonathan Herron

Okay, deep breath. It's only been days yet it feels like months. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, you are not alone. This is uncharted territory. The people you lead are looking for steady, compassionate, fearless leadership. During a recent Coaching Livestream for Fearless Leadership Network members, Jonathan Herron tackled 4 important questions every church leader is wrestling with right now: 1. How do you set up an online service that is low cost/ no cost + high quality? 2. How do you keep people engaged at your church when they can't meet physically? 3. How do you keep paying the bills when you can't receive a physical offering? 4. What do you preach on in the middle of all of this? Let's dive in and find answers. You can do this, we can help. It's time to lead fearlessly! FearlessLeaders.net

#36 - 7 Steps to Getting Unstuck

The 7 action steps that will jumpstart your life, work and ministry! • July 7, 2020 • Jonathan Herron

#35 - Jumpstart Your Life & Work

What Are You Waiting For? Seize the Day! • July 6, 2020 • Jonathan Herron

#34 - Make Your Mark

Shift Out of Neutral and Get Out There to Make Some Noise • June 15, 2020 • Jonathan Herron

We are 6 months into 2020 and NOTHING has panned out the way we all had planned. Instead of just trying to endure and get through this season of quarantine, what if we threw out the old playbook and embraced this interruption to jumpstart things? Bestselling author + speaker Jonathan Herron shares principles for the future from 2 Kings 22 that will impact your life and business. Get a head start and make some shifts in your life. What would you do if you weren't afraid anymore? Discover more at JonathanHerron.com and on all social media platforms: @HighFiveJon.