#27 - Vince Antonucci on Doing Church Off the Las Vegas Strip

Discover how to quickly reach more people far from God - Be Fearless!

February 10, 2020 • Jonathan Herron

Vince Antonucci started Verve Church in Las Vegas from scratch ten years ago. Official Sounding Stuff about Vince: From: All over. New Jersey, Florida, and New York. Married to Jennifer, with two children. Graduated from the University of Buffalo and Cincinnati Christian University. Started a church called Forefront in Virginia Beach. Author of 'I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt', 'Guerrilla Lovers', 'Renegade', 'God For The Rest Of Us', and 'Restore'.

#36 - 7 Steps to Getting Unstuck

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#35 - Jumpstart Your Life & Work

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#34 - Make Your Mark

Shift Out of Neutral and Get Out There to Make Some Noise • June 15, 2020 • Jonathan Herron

We are 6 months into 2020 and NOTHING has panned out the way we all had planned. Instead of just trying to endure and get through this season of quarantine, what if we threw out the old playbook and embraced this interruption to jumpstart things? Bestselling author + speaker Jonathan Herron shares principles for the future from 2 Kings 22 that will impact your life and business. Get a head start and make some shifts in your life. What would you do if you weren't afraid anymore? Discover more at JonathanHerron.com and on all social media platforms: @HighFiveJon.