The Reverence

Lisa Adjei • April 14, 2019

Ps Lisa takes us on a Bible study through 2 Samuel 6:1-15 to remind us of God's holiness and the importance of reverence towards Him. Familiarity can make us forget who He is, but knowing we have His sacred presence inside of us affects everything about our lives & how we treat others.

Unity of Thought & Purpose

Charlie Kang • April 7, 2019

Christians have a sameness in purpose, which is Jesus Christ, which is expressed differently in each of us as we be who we're called to be. Ps Charlie uses the parable of the Ten Minas to help us explore how we are putting the gospel to work in our lives & encourage us to live out the supernatural potential God sees in us rather than how we see ourselves in the natural.

One thing - Overflow Encounter Morning

Charlie Kang • March 31, 2019

Concluding the 'Overflow' series with an Encounter worship morning, in this short message, Ps Charlie used the story of Mary & Martha to teach that there is nothing in this world worth being concerned about other than being in the presence of Jesus.

Overflow - Week 4

James Earley • March 24, 2019

Ps James concludes the 'Overflow' series by looking at what Psalm 133 can teach us about living in overflow with God & others. Although overflow starts with our individual pursuit of God, there is so much more when we live in unity with others.

Remaining in the Overflow - Week 3

Hayley Earley • March 17, 2019

When you know God has something good for you, but the distracting voices are so loud, and it's really hard to find - Ps Hayley speaks on how we can remain in the overflow, the best place to be!

Living it Large in the Overflow - Week 2

Lydia Russell • March 10, 2019

In week 2 of the Overflow series, Ps Lydia talks about the three things that stop us from staying in the overflow, & the one thing that will keep us there, so that we can learn to live in the freedom of the overflow of God's love.

Overflow - Week 1

Matt Russell • March 3, 2019

Ps Matt opens up the March 'Overflow' series by encouraging us to reverse our mindset - what if instead of us trying to do everything in our own strength, we positioned ourselves in God and everything else was an overflow from that? (To view the video that is referred to, go to the FC Guildford Facebook page & find the post from Sunday 3 March.)

The Civil War

Charlie Kang • February 24, 2019

In Psalm 42 we see 2 opposing parts within David, knowing God brings hope, yet discouraged - Ps Charlie explains how this war is actually between the spirit & the soul of man. Our soul hungers after the love of God; peace from the internal battle comes when, instead of filling our souls with worldly things, we let the spirit lead us.

Invitation to the Feast

Lisa Adjei • February 17, 2019

Ps Lisa explores how what we feast on determines what we think about & affects the desires of our hearts. God has given us an invitation to feast from the table that leads to life. His heart is to sit and eat with us and the more we make room for Him, the more we desire Him. Which table are you feasting from?


Pete Bollon (Overland Missions) • February 10, 2019

Our guest speaker, Pete Bollon, speaks about his journey to becoming a missionary with Overland Missions. He explains how God worked in him to take the pressure off finding his calling & letting go of a need for certainty - when we can't get our heads around what to do with our lives, God's answer is Jesus - look to Him & copy that.

Heart's Desire

Charlie Kang • February 3, 2019

Christians have been given a new heart, but if it becomes calloused, it's hard to feel those new desires. Ps Charlie encourages us to stop feeding on the junk of our old way, so that there is space to feed our new hearts with pure spiritual milk that truly nourishes, no longer simply knowing about Jesus from afar but truly living with Him.

Taste & See that the Lord is Good

Charlie Kang • January 27, 2019

On Sunday we had a morning of encountering God; alongside powerful worship, Ps Charlie shared these thoughts to encourage us to hunger for God, to get close enough to taste His goodness & let God replace your heart with a heart of flesh that desires Him above all else.

Driven by Desire

Lisa Adjei • January 20, 2019

Ps Lisa unpacks the 'why' & 'how' behind working out our salvation - will we choose to let God help us?

Vision Sunday - Guildford

Charlie Kang • January 13, 2019

Ps Charlie unpacks how our Senior Pastor Andy Elmes' Vision for 2019 will be outworked locally in Guildford. If you haven't heard Ps Andy's message, we suggest listening to that first, it can be found on the Portsmouth list titled 'Vision Sunday - Keep Calm & Carry on'.

Nehemiah - Connections

Charlie Kang • December 16, 2018

In the third part of our Nehemiah mini-series, Ps Charlie brings together the themes of identity & purpose that we learnt about in the first two parts. Our identity always comes from God, but our purpose will always include other people & bring connection.