Meeting with God

Charlie Kang • March 15, 2020

As part of our Worship Morning, Ps Charlie shares this short introduction to meeting with God in a personal way, looking at the example of Moses' shining face in Exodus 34. As we spend time with God as our friend, something changes within us - do people see that we're Christians by the joy, peace & rest that comes from us?

Family Values 7 - Worshippers

March 8, 2020 • Daniel Agyeman

If you're a Christian, you worship, as to be saved is to honour God and know who He really is. This week in the Family Values series, Daniel, our Worship Pastor, looks at the importance of preparing our hearts for worship as seen in the book of Nehemiah - where is the message of the cross in your heart, is it just a fact or does it move you to worship?

Family Values 6 - Spiritual

Charlie Kang • March 1, 2020

Continuing the Family Values series, Ps Charlie reminds us of the importance of engaging with all 3 aspects of God, including the Holy Spirit. Our entire Christian life began with the Holy Spirit drawing us to the Father & now there is no aspect of our Christian life that we can do without the Holy Spirit. When you turn to things to numb pain or stimulate boredom, turn to the Holy Spirit instead, seek Him in your lowest moments, seek Him in the highest heights. Life with the Holy Spirit is not without pain, but there is always comfort.

Family Values 5 - Community

Charlie Kang • February 23, 2020

Continuing our look through the Family Values of Family Church, Ps Charlie highlights 3 problems with how we see community: 1. We are called to build community not find it 2. Our expectations of what we receive from community are greater than our commitment to being part of it 3. Would you qualify to be a part of your perfect community? And we are left with the challenge - can you stay part of community long enough to build relationships so you can say/hear things only people close to you can say?

Family Values 4 - Bible Believing

Hayley Earley • February 16, 2020

How much scripture has made its way from your head to your heart? Continuing the Family Values series, Ps Hayley reminds us that God wants us to both believe in and act on His Word because He wants the best for us.

Only Jesus is Worthy

Fiona & David Killough • February 9, 2020

This week we welcomed guest speakers Fiona & David Killough, Family Church supported missionaries with Overland Missions. Their message challenges us to redefine how we think about faith - it's not simply you getting the thing you want for your life - faith will cost you, if it doesn't cost you, it's not faith. What are the walls that need to be broken down to stop you chasing what the world says is worthy & remember that only Jesus is worthy?

Family Values 3 - Discipled

Charlie Kang • February 2, 2020

Continuing looking through the Family Church values, this week it's Discipleship - Ps Charlie encourages us to be discipled by Jesus through relationship with each other - who are you following & who is following you?

Family Values 1 - Christ-Centred

Charlie Kang • January 19, 2020

Starting our new series on the core values of Family Church, Ps Charlie looks at what it means to be Christ-centred. What is your first priority, what is your life centred on? Jesus is the Lord over all things, including our lives. We were created by Jesus, through Jesus, for Jesus and as we make decisions for Jesus, it pushes our self out of the centre. The full list of Family Values can be found here: https://family.church/about/

Vision Sunday

Andy Elmes & Charlie Kang • January 12, 2020

Pastor Andy speaks of the Vision for the whole of Family Church this year with additional remarks by Pastor Charlie.

His Love of Oneness

Andy Elmes • January 5, 2020

To begin 2020, we're excited to welcome our Senior Pastor Andy Elmes speak on Jesus' prayer for us in John 17 - that we would know both oneness with God and oneness with each other and therefore stand out in a world of division.

Annual Review - 1 Corinthians

Charlie Kang • December 15, 2019

As you look back at 2019, do you see Jesus in both the blessings & hardships? Finishing our series with the final chapter of 1 Corinthians, Ps Charlie reminds us that if we don't find Jesus in both the highs & lows, we're limiting our hope, but if we attach hope to Jesus we never become hopeless!

God With Us

Charlie Kang • December 8, 2019

Christmas cards make the nativity scene look so perfect and beautiful but what about the smell and mess? In this short Christmas message, Ps Charlie speaks about how God comes into the midst of our chaos and mess to bring order and peace so that we can always have a hope & a future.

Family News

December 1, 2019 • Lisa Adjei

Ps Lisa shares some family news about changes in leadership.

Pursue Love - 1 Corinthians

Charlie Kang • November 24, 2019

This week we've reached 1 Corinthians chapter 14, looking at several topics - women in church, spiritual gifts, prophecies & speaking in tongues - all through the lens of pursuing love.

What True Love Is - 1 Corinthians

Charlie Kang • November 17, 2019

Ps Charlie looks at what 1 Corinthians 13 can teach us about what loving well really is. If we are loved well, we will also love well - the perfection of God's love is available to us now, through Jesus Christ - once we open our hearts to receive, we can love others out of that.