God's Heart of Grace

Paul Drodge • June 16, 2019

This week we're pleased to welcome Ps Paul Drodge from Waterside congregation, who brought a message about how God has an amazing heart of grace towards us, looking at what He has done for us & how we outwork it in our lives.

Comfort from Discomfort - Restoring Relationships 6

Lisa Adjei • June 9, 2019

God is the Father of compassion and God of all comfort, but we can't receive comfort unless we're honest about our discomfort. Ps Lisa speaks in our Restoring Relationships series and reminds us that we have to encounter God's love for ourselves & then find healing as restoration starts within ourselves.

The Release that comes from Forgiveness - Restoring Relationships 5

Hayley Earley • June 2, 2019

By choosing to forgive, we are not only in a position to restore our current relationships but protect our future ones. Continuing the 'Restoring Relationships' series with a detour from the signs of life, Ps Hayley shares her own story of family restoration, describing how unforgiveness can be like gripping on to a cactus, but freedom comes from allowing Jesus into the hurts.

Toxic Familiarity - Restoring Relationships 4

Charlie Kang • May 26, 2019

Continuing 'Restoring Relationships' through the fourth sign of life - excretion of waste / by-products. Familiarity is a natural by-product of relationships, but it can lead to disconnection if our assumptions stop us getting close enough to talk / ask questions. Have we become so familiar with the Word of God that we are no longer moved by or even believe it?

Workout/Outwork - Restoring Relationships 3

Charlie Kang • May 19, 2019

Continuing to look at restoring relationships through the signs of life, this week focuses on movement. Ps Charlie takes us through the outworking of salvation in its past, present & future aspects. While God has already set us free, on earth there is a becoming like Christ that can't be done without other people.

And Breathe... - Restoring Relationships 2

Charlie Kang • May 12, 2019

This week we're looking at the second biological sign of life - respiration - or in simple terms - breathing! Ps Charlie explains that just as we were created to be physically reliant on breathing oxygen, we were created to be spiritually reliant on breathing the Spirit of God. In order to fulfil our purpose of loving people, we need to breathe more deeply of God.

Nourish to Flourish - Restoring Relationships 1

Charlie Kang • May 5, 2019

Ps Charlie introduces this series looking at how our relationship with God restored through Jesus affects how our relationships with other people can be transformed. Over the next few weeks we'll be evaluating the health of our relationships through the seven biological signs of life, as relationships are dynamic, made of living people. The first sign is nutrition - when we read & obey the Word of God, we are nourished by the nutrients & then able to give out to others - where is the Word of God placed in your life?

God Comes Closer

Lisa Adjei • April 21, 2019

This Easter Sunday, Ps Lisa uses the example of Thomas encountering the risen Jesus to remind us that despite our stubbornness, God is getting closer, all we have to do is let Him in.

Easter Message

Charlie Kang • April 21, 2019

This Easter, Ps Charlie preaches a short message on the resurrection of Christ and what it means for us.

The Reverence

Lisa Adjei • April 14, 2019

Ps Lisa takes us on a Bible study through 2 Samuel 6:1-15 to remind us of God's holiness and the importance of reverence towards Him. Familiarity can make us forget who He is, but knowing we have His sacred presence inside of us affects everything about our lives & how we treat others.

Unity of Thought & Purpose

Charlie Kang • April 7, 2019

Christians have a sameness in purpose, which is Jesus Christ, which is expressed differently in each of us as we be who we're called to be. Ps Charlie uses the parable of the Ten Minas to help us explore how we are putting the gospel to work in our lives & encourage us to live out the supernatural potential God sees in us rather than how we see ourselves in the natural.

One thing - Overflow Encounter Morning

Charlie Kang • March 31, 2019

Concluding the 'Overflow' series with an Encounter worship morning, in this short message, Ps Charlie used the story of Mary & Martha to teach that there is nothing in this world worth being concerned about other than being in the presence of Jesus.

Overflow - Unity - Week 4

James Earley • March 24, 2019

Ps James concludes the 'Overflow' series by looking at what Psalm 133 can teach us about living in overflow with God & others. Although overflow starts with our individual pursuit of God, there is so much more when we live in unity with others.

Remaining in the Overflow - Week 3

Hayley Earley • March 17, 2019

When you know God has something good for you, but the distracting voices are so loud, and it's really hard to find - Ps Hayley speaks on how we can remain in the overflow, the best place to be!

Living it Large in the Overflow - Week 2

Lydia Russell • March 10, 2019

In week 2 of the Overflow series, Ps Lydia talks about the three things that stop us from staying in the overflow, & the one thing that will keep us there, so that we can learn to live in the freedom of the overflow of God's love.