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We're adding an 8th Habit here at FCC: "Get the app." because it's your all-in-one place for engagement with all things FCC! (Relax, there's not really an 8th Habit.) – The "Home" tab functions as a digital Bulletin/Worship Guide with frequently used items like Featured Items, Connect Card, Sermon Guide, Giving, Stay Informed (Latest News, Events Calendar, Scott's Thoughts, Socials, Elders Letter, Get Emails/Texts), Prayer Requests, and Streaming. – The "Next Steps" tab is a guide for "7 Habits for Discovering God's Vision for Your Life!" Wanna visit one of our discipleship ministries like re:generation or Re|engage for a night? Done. Interesting in finding our where to serve? Click. Need to know more about a Life Group? Boom. Just read a smidge of vision, follow the instructions or links, and you're taking your Next Step toward Living the 7H Life–"Welcome to your growth!" – In tab 3, keep your finger on the "Pulse" of latest happenings with a curated feed of Latest News, Events Calendar, Scott's Thoughts, Socials, Latest Elders Letter, and forms to Get general FCC and ministry-specific emails, texts, and push notifications. – "Watch" tab is a place to engage with sermons, media, and content from various ministries. (Audio continues playing outside the app, even when the phone is locked, and content is downloadable for offline use. So now you can have those sermons ready for when you go camping or off-the-grid!) – "Bible" tab provides, well, an ESV Bible (English Standard Version is the translation we use for preaching), plus a great Daily Bible Reading Plan (with audio). You can also take notes that automatically sync and stay within the app (or you can email them to yourself). We are praying not only that this app functions as an all-in-one-place for your engagement with all things FCC but that you will learn to use it as a disciplemaking and evangelism tool for sharing content, inviting friends, and "Helping People Find and Follow Jesus!"