Jericho Walls

Current Sermon Series

Wall of Disregard

June 26, 2022 • Chris Heller

Do you have a good memory? Maybe you find you easily forget things, whether it be a person’s name, a scheduled appointment, or even something simple like where you put your keys. We can all be forgetful. It’s one thing to forget something, but it’s a very different matter to disregard something. There is a significant command God issues to His people to ensure that they will not only not forget what He has done, but that they will not disregard what He has done, either.

Wall of Lost Influence

June 19, 2022 • Chris Heller

This week we continue in our Jericho Walls series and learn what it means to be an influencer. We’ll learn about some tools for dads on how to lead by following. If you want to be a spiritual influencer, this is a message for you.

Wall of Bondage

June 5, 2022 • Chris Heller

Wounds have left scars, circumstances have left pain, and the walls around Rahab have left very few options. So, when she spots an opportunity to break free from the bondage of her circumstances, she takes drastic measures. She makes a plan, takes a risk, and executes her plan in faith that this will lead to her freedom from the walls that surround her.

Wall of Generational Sin

May 29, 2022 • Chris Heller

There is a new wall to knock down -- the wall of generational sin. The term ‘generational sin’ is often used as a reference to the weaknesses or tendencies that are handed down through the generations from parents or members of our family. Just like physical attributes are passed down, behavioral attributes and attitudes can be passed down as well. Why do certain sins seem to run in families? Can these patterns be stopped? What does the Bible say?

Wall of Fear

May 22, 2022 • Chris Heller

It is often thought that people who struggle with anxiety lack courage. However, many of God’s most courageous servants first responded to His call with fear, excuses, and anxieties that haunted their thinking. Watch now as we learn from Joshua’s own battle with fear and anxiety, that just may have inspired one of the greatest verses in all of scripture, and let’s learn some tools along the way to be courageous in spite of our fears!

All of Our Fears

May 15, 2022 • Chris Heller

This message will begin with the life, calling, and mission of Joshua on his conquest towards one of the most miraculous victories in all of our sacred text! But what does Jericho have to do with what we’re facing in today’s culture? We are not called to conquest. Our battles are not against flesh and blood. We have been commissioned by Jesus, the One who fulfilled the Law, 'to love God, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.' We will consider what walls all of our fears may have built up that now need to come down so the light of God’s wondrous love can come bursting through!