Submitting To Ungodly Authorities

Life in Exile

January 31, 2021 • Pastor Ben Cross

There are parts of the Bible a preacher would just as soon skip. This next section in 1 Peter (2:13-3:7) qualifies. He starts with submission to political leaders, even the ungodly ones, then slaves submitting to their masters, even the harsh ones, and finally wives submitting to their husbands, even the disobedient ones. All kinds of hot buttons, here! As a 22-year-old pastor in my first church, I will never forget the elderly lady who walked up to me after a service. I could tell she wasn’t happy. She said, “Young man, I enjoyed your message, until you got to meddlin’. Peter begins meddlin’ with us in his letter. In this sermon, we will focus on submitting to governmental authorities in 2:13-17. Oh boy…

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An Addendum

Life In Exile • May 2, 2021 • Pastor Ben Cross

In the last Sermon, we finished 1 Peter...well, almost. This Sermon, Pastor Ben will present “an addendum" by focusing on two important issues Peter only mentions in his closing remarks, likely, because the original readers didn't need further explanation. We do. Peter mentions "the devil" and uses the term "Babylon" to refer to Rome. Both topics span the whole of Scripture, and understanding their significance is helpful in understanding God's word from cover-to-cover. Prayerfully prepare your mind and heart for this message.

Down Is Up

Life In Exile • April 25, 2021 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sermon, Peter concludes his teaching on the believer's life in exile in this world with a loving kiss--really! In 1 Peter 5:6-14, he re-captures the dominant themes of his letter, taking us deeper into the realities behind Christian suffering that should comfort us and give us hope in even the most painful of times.

Under-shepherds of the Chief Shepherd

Life in Exile • April 18, 2021 • Pastor Ben Cross

In this Sermon, Pastor Ben will share a report on his recent ministry to missionaries in Kenya, Africa. We will also take a brief look at 1 Peter 5:1-5 and the vital role elders play in the local church, especially in times of crisis and suffering. This passage presents a timely opportunity for us to commission the four new elders our church family recently affirmed. Please join us for this important moment in our church's life.