Intro to 2 Samuel

2 Samuel 1:1-16 • January 20, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

In this first episode from 2 Samuel we'll unpack how God is completely aware of our thoughts, motives, and intentions. Nothing is secret from him. When we begin to actively recognize God's complete rule and reign, even over the hidden parts of our lives, it causes us to live with an awareness of him in light of his authority.

Doing Life Together

James 5:12-20 • January 13, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, we completed our series on the book of James. In this last message from the book of James, we looked at the power of community for growing in our faith and we'll examine the four necessary ingredients of biblical community. We also learned about the power of prayer, and how radical confession and accountability in community can help us live in freedom.

Wealthy & Wise

James 5:1-6 • January 6, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

We continued in James this Sunday, and we explored a topic that quickly reveals our focus, priorities, and values...money. Money can be a sensitive topic, and James pulls no punches as he describes the consequences of misusing and mishandling wealth as well as how to honor God with money. The start of the new year is a perfect time to look at how we deal with money, and James has timeless wisdom that will help you handle your finances in a way that honors God in 2019.

For the Joy Set Before Us

James 5:7-11 • December 30, 2018 • Pastor Sandy Park

This Sunday, we continued in the book of James, and this passage is all about how to live with patience in the middle of suffering. James writes to a people where the idea of suffering wasn't just theological or theoretical, it was their life. As we'll learn in this message, James teaches about how to live in the face of suffering with a confidence and centeredness that only comes from knowing God.


December 23, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, we learned about joy as Christians, and not just the mercy God gives us, but the grace of salvation.

Playing God

James 4:11-17 • December 16, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, we continued in the book of James and looked at three ways we can start to play God... sometimes without even realizing it. In just two short verses, James uses the word "judge" six times as he confronts the way we typically judge others. James pulls off the mask of superiority and religiosity and goes right to the heart in a convicting and compelling way. We’ll also look at the intersection between pride and planning. We’ll learn how to plan in life in a way that honors God and lives with humility before him.

Down is Up

James 4:1-10 • December 2, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

In this Sermon, the challenge continues, as James confronts our pride and describes that our passions are battling within us. We'll learn about three deadly enemies that are warring against Christians, and how to oppose them with God's grace.

Tale of Two Wisdoms

James 3:14-18 • November 25, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

In this message we will learn about how to grow in our faith and become spiritually mature. Earlier in our study in James, we learned about asking for God’s wisdom, in this sermon, we'll learn more about how God’s wisdom causes us to be rooted in Christ. We’ll look at the role that Biblical wisdom plays in our spiritual development and how to put God’s wisdom into action in everyday life situations.

Dangerous as Hell

James 3:1-12 • November 18, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

We've probably all experienced the power that words can carry to affect us, either for better or for worse. While it may sound tough when it's yelled across the playground, the sing-song rhyme of sticks and stones doesn't hold up to the reality of life. Words do affect us. And this Sunday, our study of James confronted us with reality checks about the power of our words. Destructive words were a problem in Jame's day, and as we look at our world today not much has changed. As we'll see in this message, the Bible has timeless truths that speak honestly and directly in ways that impact our own lives today.

Called to a Living Faith

James 2:14-26 • November 11, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, we explored the theology of faith and works. James responds to the hypothetical example of someone who claims to know Jesus, doesn't live out their beliefs. He unpacks the disconnect that can so often happen between our faith and our actions. We unpacked this Sunday, how the Gospel impacts the way we live, and how we can actively live out our faith as we grow to be more like Jesus.

Mercy over Judgement

James 2:1-13 • November 4, 2018 • Pastor John Jaskilka

We don’t always live out the mercy that we’d like to receive. We’re now in chapter 2 of James, and our idea of Christian living continues to be challenged as we unpack how mercy triumphs over judgment.

Hear and Live

James 1:19-27 • October 28, 2018 • Pastor Dan Collins

Last Sunday we saw how our sin leads to death and this week we saw how God’s word leads to life. The book of James continues to confront and challenge us, and there’s this great line in Sunday’s passage which says that our anger doesn’t lead to the kind of right living that God desires. Instead, we saw how God’s word has the power to bring life. We looked at how this applies to everyday life and how to live as both hearers and doers of God's word.

Kill or Be Killed

James 1:13-18 • October 21, 2018 • Jacob Jacobson

A few weeks ago, we started a new sermon series on the book of James. We'll be in this series through Christmas, and so far we've learned about how facing suffering and trial in a way that grows our faith. This Sunday's passage builds on that theme and focuses on how to deal (and how not to deal!) with temptation. It's a challenging passage that confronts us with the reality of who we are and shows us the grace that God gives to people in the struggle. We explored how to face temptation well this Sunday, with an even better view of our of our consistent and unchanging God.

Called to Ultimate Wealth

James 1:9-12 • October 14, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, we continued in James Chapter 1, which goes right into a very personal subject…money. In the early church there was a mix of rich and poor, and James addresses them both. To the rich, he explains that wealth does not bring the impenetrable security we tend to believe. Our trials become necessary to reveal this and keep our eyes fixed on God. To the poor, James explains that our significance, our strength comes not from status or bank account, but from our place of eternal security in God’s kingdom. Whether rich or poor, we are in desperate need of God. That’s why James goes right to a key source we tend to lean on for identity–our finances–to show us that God is the one who brings the ultimate strength and significance to life.

Called to Ultimate Joy

James 1:1-8 • October 7, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

The book of James is all about how to walk with God in turbulent times. As you'll discover, it's timeless and applicable for life today as Christians. You'll get to hear the backstory this Sunday of the book of James, and we're going to get right after it and teach through the first eight verses. This new series will run all the way until Christmas.

Shema to Shalom

2 Timothy • September 30, 2018 • Pastor Joe Tepe

Now that we've completed our Foundations series, this Sunday we looked at how these essential truths transform the way we live. Sometimes we can read the Bible and simply move on with our day, or come to church and hear a sermon, and then leave unchanged. This Sunday, we unpacked how we can put into practice the things we've learned about the foundations of Christian faith. We want to be people who are transformed by God's word as we become more and more like his Jesus.

Your Prayers Matter - Community Leader Updates

September 23, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

Your prayers matter. The book of James says that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. Prayer is one of the primary weapons a Christian has to see heaven break through. God invites us to approach him and ask to move his hand. That’s why this Sunday we invited leaders from our cities to share how we can be praying in very specific ways for our community. You’ll get to hear from the mayors of Springfield and Eugene, the new Eugene Chief of Police, and other community leaders who will share insight for us to be praying about. As we kick off Fall here at First B, we want to start the season in prayer and with a continued outward focus towards our cities. This was a bit of a different type of Sunday, as we heard from these local leaders and we dedicate a bulk of our normal teaching time to give our attention to learn how we can pray this year.

The New Has Come! Pt. 8

September 16, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

How do rewards in heaven work? Does everyone get a participation ribbon, or do some people get more than others? How can there be different rewards without selfishness our jealousy in heaven? This Sunday will be our last sermon in the Foundations series, and we'll end the series with a deep-dive into the biblical teaching of rewards. You’ll learn what Jesus said and didn’t say about rewards in heaven, and how Jesus motivated us to live in a way right now on earth that impacts our forever.

The New Has Come! Part 7

September 9, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

One of the major themes throughout the Bible is God’s glory. After he would meet with God, Moses’ face would literally glow. It scared people so much that he had to cover his face after being in God's presence. Jesus preached about God’s glory, and here at First B, we often say everything we do is for God’s glory. But what exactly is God’s glory? This Sunday as we continue our Foundations series, we unpacked this question and see how God’s glory gives us purpose for our lives today.

The New Has Come! Part 6

September 2, 2018 • Pastor Ben Cross

Did you know you are a holy priest in God’s kingdom? You may have never been to Bible school, and the thought of seeing a Greek verb might make you feel like an undergrad at a rocket science convention. 🚀 But if you are a Christian, God has chosen you. As a follower of Jesus, you have incredible status, perhaps even more than you know! In this sermon, we’re going to explore how God has made you as a priest, prophet, and as royalty in his kingdom. You might be surprised at the authority we have as God’s people, and you’ll get to see how this practically affects the way we live today.

The Passing of the Towel

John 13 • August 26, 2018 • Pastor Corey Rose

As you read the Gospels, you can’t help but notice the disciples arguing about who was the greatest. Who was the most important? Who had the most power and influence? Who got the best seat next to Jesus? Sound familiar? Sound like anything you've experienced before at work, school, or even at home? Jesus responded to these "discussions" by teaching about true greatness. He showed an example of humble service and gave a new commandment to follow. It’s a commandment so foundational you can't live the Christian life successfully without it.