It'll Never be the Same

2 Samuel 18-20 • May 19, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

As the story continues to unfold, we’ll see that David's life, family, and kingdom will never be the same again. The ideal picture presented in 2 Samuel 8:15 is forever ruined. However, David's example in the aftermath of so much permanent loss, is an encouraging reminder of how sin's consequences need not define the rest of our lives.

The Call of Motherhood

Mother's Day 2019 • May 12, 2019 • Pastor Sandy Park

This Sunday we’ll have a special message for Mother’s Day honoring women in our church family. We’ll recognize the incredible impact of mothers as well as the spiritual impact and legacy of women who mentor and disciple others to affect people’s lives beyond even their own family. Together we'll learn how key attributes of Jesus' character, faithfulness and whole-hearted surrender to God, are lived out powerfully in the example of women.

Confidence in Consequence (Continued)

2 Samuel 15:13-17:29 • May 5, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

In this Sunday’s episode of 2 Samuel, David continues his emergency exit from Jerusalem and encounters three enemies trying to harm him. Worst of all, one of these three was a close friend and adviser who turned against him. We’ll see how David handles this ongoing crisis, and how you and I can respond well as Christians in the face of opposition.

Confidence in Consequence

2 Samuel 15:13-17:29 • April 28, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, we’re back in 2 Samuel, and the story of David’s family continues to unfold. David’s son Absalom undermines his father and attempts a coup, forcing David on the run for his life. As we’ll learn this Sunday, God is gracious and forgiving, but that doesn’t automatically erase the consequences for our sin. David had created and caused many of the problems he now faces, but rather than run from God, he shows us how to remain confident in God, even in the midst of sin's consequences.

Scary Good

Easter 2019 • April 21, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

Like Father, Like Son, but Worse

2 Samuel 14-15 • April 14, 2019 • Pastor Corey Rose

This Sunday, the chaos in David’s family continues as another son, Absalom undermines David’s authority and launches a coup to take over the throne. Where is God in all of this mess? In this family? Especially in the family of a prominent spiritual leader and figure in the Bible?

Like Father, Like Sons

2 Samuel 13 • April 7, 2019 • Pastor Corey Rose

After David’s moral failure with Bathsheba, a wave of chaos and wicked behavior continues in his family. The Bible is open and honest about these devastating failures and records a gut-wrenching account of rape committed within David’s family. So many people are affected by the evils of sexual violence, and as we process this passage on Sunday, we’ll look at how to face some of life’s most difficult challenges that cause us to grieve, act, and learn more how to demonstrate compassion and receive the restoration that only God can bring.

Who Knows?

2 Samuel 12:13-31 • March 31, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, as the story continues, we’ll see how the effects of David’s sin continue to play out. David confesses his sin and receives God’s forgiveness, but there was still permanent damage and chaos from his decisions. Temptation affects each of us, and when we sin, shame and guilt can haunt us, telling us we that are unworthy and that God no longer loves us. In this Sunday's sermon, we'll learn how God can take our greatest failures and turn them into the greatest good, if we return to him and allow him to restore us in our relationship with Him.


2 Samuel 12:1-15 • March 24, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

In the last sermon, we saw David’s colossal failure with Bathsheba. He abused his power, broke commandments, and took advantage of her. In this sermon, David is confronted by his sin, and we’ll see how he responds. We’ll study Psalm 51, where David actually records for us his process of coming to terms with what he did and we see his prayer of confession to God. When we sin, so often our response is to avoid God and distance ourselves from him. In this sermon, we’ll learn about how to return and respond to God even after our worst sins and greatest failures. We’ll learn how to confess, repent and draw near to be restored to God again.

Look, Hook, Took

2 Samuel 11:1-27 • March 17, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

As we've seen in 1 & 2 Samuel, David has been on an escalator rise to power, from shepherd boy to national hero to now finally, to king of Israel. Now, at the top of his game, his troops are out to war while David stays behind. Maybe he felt he deserved a break, maybe he was getting lazy, or maybe he was exhausted from years on the run. You can imagine the intensity of what he had been through–perhaps even PTSD from years of combat–and his adrenaline glands were probably shot from so many close calls of life and death moments. As he looks out over his kingdom, David sees an attractive woman bathing and decides to take her. David abuses his authority and begins a series of despicable sinful acts that create chaos for him, his family, and eventually the kingdom. We all face temptations of many kinds–and when we’re worn out, low, depressed, exhausted, or simply unwise and unguarded, we’re capable of things we never imagined possible. The temptation that David faced is alive and well in our own times today, and this Sunday we’ll look at how to respond to temptation and how to win with God’s help.

Kingdom Kindness

2 Samuel 9 & 10 • March 10, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

In the latest episode from 2 Samuel, King David's reign is becoming more established, but all is not well in the kingdom. One of the life principles we learned on Sunday is that major moral failures often follow a series of smaller compromises, and King David is no exception. Even during a time of blessing and security, God's people failed to uphold justice and righteousness, and it led to their eventual demise.

The Golden Years

2 Samuel 8 • March 3, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

This episode of 2 Samuel is all about how David’s kingdom reflects the kingdom of God. We see David continue to have victory at every turn and see God’s promises come to pass as David’s enemies are defeated with God’s help This chapter reminds us that God’s enemies must be defeated for God’s kingdom promises to be fulfilled and established. Our God is more than able to accomplish what he said and save his people from every enemy that threatens them.

Rest, Worship, Praise

February 24, 2019 • Josh Bidwell

In the busyness of life, it can be so easy to forget God and his goodness. We have so many reasons to trust him and his promises, but how often do we actually stop to remember his goodness? That’s exactly what David did in this week’s passage from 2 Samuel. After coming to power as the king of Israel, David takes time to stop, sit back and reflect on how great God is and how much God had done for him. As a Christian, you have the incredible benefit of experiencing God’s peace and presence, just like David did. This Sunday, we’ll learn about slowing down to intentionally pause so we can experience God’s peace and presence in our everyday lives.

The Great Reversal

2 Samuel 7:1-17 • February 17, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

Can you imagine what it would be like for God to speak directly to you? And even more than that, for God to make specific promises about your future? That’s exactly what happens to David in this episode of 2 Samuel. God gives David assurance and confidence by promising his love and ongoing care for his future. The amazing thing is that these promises made to David actually benefit you and me today! Because of Jesus, we inherit God's promises as well. God assured David that no sin can destroy, death cannot break, and time will never exhaust the promises of God. Listen to hear how we can have absolute confidence in our God like David because of God’s promises.

When God Breaks Through

2 Samuel 5 & 6 • February 10, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday in 2 Samuel, we looked at two episodes of God’s power breaking through. We also heard a testimony from someone who will share how God’s power broke through in their own life. In the first scene from 2 Samuel, God breaks through against David’s enemies, and in the second scene God breaks through with disciplines on his people, building on the themes from last week's message. This Sunday’s passage also includes David’s exuberant worship of God where he dances like no one is watching! Now I know what you’re thinking, you probably don’t expect to see worship like that on a typical Sunday morning, but as we look at this passage in detail, you'll learn about worship in ways you might find surprising.

Kingdom in Conflict

2 Samuel 2-4 • February 3, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

Betrayal, backstabbing, and deception are all part of this Sunday's episode from 2 Samuel. We'll look at three back-to-back stories, that together, form a grander narrative about God and his kingdom. As we read these plots and betrayals against David, you'll begin to see how they also reveal truths about a greater king with a greater kingdom, unstoppable by any human scheme.

Finding Hope in Grief

2 Samuel 1:17-27 • January 27, 2019 • Pastor Corey Rose

Last week we started a new teaching series on 2 Samuel. The book begins by building on the closing of 1 Samuel and the death of King Saul. The Bible records David’s grief in this raw moment, and has timeless wisdom for us to learn about how to deal with grieving, loss, and pain. Grief and loss are an unavoidable and all-too-common part of life on earth and in this message we’ll look at David's experience and how he walked with God in these challenging times.

You Can’t Fool the King

2 Samuel 1:1-16 • January 20, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

In this first episode from 2 Samuel we'll unpack how God is completely aware of our thoughts, motives, and intentions. Nothing is secret from him. When we begin to actively recognize God's complete rule and reign, even over the hidden parts of our lives, it causes us to live with an awareness of him in light of his authority.

Doing Life Together

James 5:12-20 • January 13, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

This Sunday, we completed our series on the book of James. In this last message from the book of James, we looked at the power of community for growing in our faith and we'll examine the four necessary ingredients of biblical community. We also learned about the power of prayer, and how radical confession and accountability in community can help us live in freedom.

Wealthy & Wise

James 5:1-6 • January 6, 2019 • Pastor Ben Cross

We continued in James this Sunday, and we explored a topic that quickly reveals our focus, priorities, and values...money. Money can be a sensitive topic, and James pulls no punches as he describes the consequences of misusing and mishandling wealth as well as how to honor God with money. The start of the new year is a perfect time to look at how we deal with money, and James has timeless wisdom that will help you handle your finances in a way that honors God in 2019.

For the Joy Set Before Us

James 5:7-11 • December 30, 2018 • Pastor Sandy Park

This Sunday, we continued in the book of James, and this passage is all about how to live with patience in the middle of suffering. James writes to a people where the idea of suffering wasn't just theological or theoretical, it was their life. As we'll learn in this message, James teaches about how to live in the face of suffering with a confidence and centeredness that only comes from knowing God.